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Not a fan of the Melaleuca shampoos. I tried two different ones they sell.

They actually made my scalp itch and caused my hair to frizz into a pyramid. I have to question just how “green” this product actually is after looking carefully at the label ingredients.

Imho... not something I would buy again or recommend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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the products may be safer but as far as toxin free, how toxin free are they? I've looked up ingredients as well and many come up as "not sure" what the ingredient is exactly.

I am assuming that is the 'F' melaleuca received for some of their products. Which in reality if they are so much safer why are the ingredients hard to find? why don't we know exactly is in the products? why is it a mystery?

If they are so safe there shouldnt be so many unhappy customers. I want the truth


The BBB already known to give companies a A+ rating if the price is right!


Very erroneous information on Melaleuca. Not at all accurate.

The company has a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This didn't happen for no reason . . .

think about it .

. .


if you read the ingredienthttp://www.melaleuca.com/ProductStore/Product?sku=4906Palmar Shampoo is more saved to use. Prabane free, sulfate free, mineral oil free and dyes free.

You can get it from watson for less than $7. My favourite is coconut and olive.


To the "user" and the "anonymous" who commented:To user, is there any proof that that website is legit? Can you show proof and evidence that Melaleuca products contain bad chemicals?To anonymous, your reply was quoted, but from what website?

From whom? Is that just another "someone said this online tactic, so it must be true!" kind of deal? Do you know if there are hidden ingredients that Melaleuca may not disclose to you? Considering the issue that they have an "F" rating does not consequently mean that they have an "A" rating.

What proof and evidence does Melaleuca have when they say they have the "safest ingredients"? What really makes their products different from others besides the "hype of Melaleuca" since there ultimately are other eco-friendly products like Melaleuca that are cheaper and without the constant monthly expenses? Please show actual proof and evidence to meet both of your claims to help people understand why this is such a discussion being mature and discussing things in a professional manner. Please show proof and evidence to show whats in their products and how their claims of having the safest ingredients and knowing all the ingredients being put in their products.

Please do not advertise or comment on how good or bad Melaleuca is from your experience. Only show actual proof/evidence that Melaleuca is what they say they are or arent. Thank you.Coming from someone who loves Melaleuca and is really curious to know ACTUAL facts/proof/evidence :)Seen a lot of comments of people bashing other people for not liking Melaleuca, for personal reasons, and ultimately for the pride they have in their lovely company. But by no means does that excuse them of being incompetent and calling others out when everyone has their own experiences of how good/bad this company is.

Also please do not advertise or try to get others hooked on Melaleuca on this discussion thread. We have seen MANY and this is not the discussion for that. Please bring that elsewhere. This discussion is mainly for the purpose of showing why Melaleuca is either what they say they truly are or arent.

Proof and evidence away. Thank you.

Amy S

Just as an FYI....their products aren't natural and are probably just the same as those from big name companies. I too was caught up in the hype until I decide to do some research myself.

I wasn't impressed with any of their products and in fact always felt as though I was searching for something to buy every month. I'm glad I canceled!https://www.ewg.org/guides/brand/2749-Melaleuca#.WqHtbmY-Low

@Amy S

"EWG inaccurately and incorrectly has given a number of Melaleuca products an "F" rating. In the absence of current ingredient information, they have decided to guess what ingredients Melaleuca uses.

Based on their uneducated guesses, Melaleuca is actively pursuing EWG through the Melaleuca legal department to get them to stop publishing false and misleading information about Melaleuca products. EWG strong arms manufacturers like Melaleuca into paying for good ratings. There is no integrity to their system since favorable ratings are available for purchase. A grade of "F" signifies the product is highly hazardous or the manufacturer provides little to no ingredient disclosure.

EWG has decided to penalize Melaleuca by giving a failing grade even by their own admission they don't know what ingredients Melaleuca uses. They may have product labels, but they are from a long time ago.

The truth is, Melaleuca products and ingredients have an outstanding safety record. Melaleuca is committed to using highest quality, safest ingredients that have a proven track record."

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