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People that *** about a minimum monthly commitment, are simply "dumb" If one is not prepared to make a minor commitment to Wellness, which is what the company is all about, then stick with the corporate "poisoners" Pay for all the advertising, reminding to...
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I have never used these products before. Do you really think calling people dumb (on behalf of melaleuka) is going to help grow your business.

Some of the comments on here from melaleuka employees is really discouraging. It seems like you should take your own advice and "grow up"

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Melaleuca - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Sudbury, Ontario

My complaint is about this site and all the uneducated people opening their mouths about their own bad experience which are their own fault and ruining good opportunity for intelligent, coachable and hard working people. Do you know how bad it is to generalize an entire group of people ex men are bad drivers.... why are you doing it for melaleuca. Maybe you had bad service but I can assure you that there is someone working hard to promote melaleuca's statment... to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals ! What a disgusting place the world is turning into.
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Judgmental attitudes like that don't speak very well for the company.

I grew up using melaleuca, but I had reactions to the products.

I let my family members use them and they also had reactions. The toothpaste literally stripped the enamel off of our teeth. I could not get a list of ingredients so I have no idea what is in the products that is causing this reaction now. I did try some products that did not work at all.

I had numerous issues accessing my online account. This had been a problem in the past and seems to be recurring.

I had nothing but trouble cancelling my account, which initially I had intended to be temporary as I just did not have the time to place orders or get to the post office when it was open. I still believed there must be some seven products.

After getting the run around, not being refunded for orders, and having them flat out lie about the returns being received, I will never do business with them again.

My family feels the same way. It is not worth the hassle and I am not at all impressed with the products or satisfied as a customer.

That was a lot of money literally thrown away. I have nothing at all to show for it.


The products are Great I've used several I have no complaints I'm not into the products to sell them though just to use them. I'm only sorry that I can't order them on line myself without having to be a member and have to try and get other members below me....Like a pyramid.

and the monthly commitment to order is another drag and if you don't order than you get whatever Melaeluca sends you. Those are the only 2 things I don't agree with....Other than that I would order at least monthly


The products are great! I am glad you are enjoying them.

You know you can go online to choose what you want in your backup order so you are not getting "whatever they send you". Second, and most important, Melaleuca is not a pyramid type company. You can be a customer and NEVER refer anyone to the company. If you want to refer people to the company, you can earn a little money without having to really have a business, but the majority of the customers never, ever refer (sign anyone up) anyone to the company.

Now, other people might place customers under you, and, with that you will get a small check for doing absolutely nothing but purchasing your products each month. When is the last time you went to a store and got a check for nothing?


pyramids are illegal

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