Indianapolis, Indiana

Well, I joined here recently and I was told everything and I made sure that I took notes in the presentation and went back over things that my Rep was telling me. Sometimes you have to take responsibility for your own actions and pay attention and ask questions.

Yes, I'm sure there are reps that will lie or omit certain things but there are a whole lot more who try to give you the whole truth and granite sometimes they're interrupted so much during their opening statements that they may accidentally forget to tell you something. But again I will say my gentleman that I had come to see me did make sure he went over step by step with me at the end so that I no longer had questions or doubt. Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity or products because you got a buster of a rep.

I have one of the worst cases of SLE along with having a stroke and having to take 3 HBP meds and a whole host of everything else, but I'm back to working 8-5 m-f and walking, running, playing all sorts of things the Dr. said I was never going to be able to do!!!!!!

Reason of review: I had a good rep and I have enough common sense to listen to what is being said and knowing to take notes and ask my quetions until i got the clearest answer possible..

Melaleuca Pros: Products, Cleaning products, High quality product, Product.

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