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People that *** about a minimum monthly commitment, are simply "dumb" If one is not prepared to make a minor commitment to Wellness, which is what the company is all about, then stick with the corporate "poisoners" Pay for all the advertising, reminding to buy, buy, buy, and tack the costs of ads onto the products. Pay for the retail stores, pay for the regional distribution companies, pay for the wholesaler, the jobber etc.

Pay for the gas you burn going to the store.

Take the time in your busy day as opposed to getting to-the-door delivery. Oh, and enjoy the knowledge that you are feeding shareholders (some of them well-of) Grow Up !!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I have never used these products before. Do you really think calling people dumb (on behalf of melaleuka) is going to help grow your business.

Some of the comments on here from melaleuka employees is really discouraging. It seems like you should take your own advice and "grow up"

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