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Several years ago, I was roped into signing up for a membership with Melaleuca. My friend invited me over to a "business opportunity" presentation party being done by a coworker of his.

He didn't have any more detail prior to this, but we were both planning to be cautious. His co-worker was accompanied by her friend that was higher up in the scheme than she was. They went through the product lines and how the MLM piece worked, and of course they heavily pushed the MLM concept, explaining how it made so much sense to make money selling products that people use everyday to your friends and family. At the time, there were two options, a basic type membership that allowed you to purchase products and then a more advanced distributor type membership that cost more but supposedly provided higher profits on your sales.

When it came time to "sign" something my friend was nearly tricked into signing on to the more advanced program until I pointed out what he was agreeing to. (I can't recall the exact terms, but it was a lot of money and requirements). This of course upset them as it would mean less profits for them. In the end we both signed up for the most minimal membership as many of the products I found interesting and I could afford it.

A few months went by and I actually enjoyed many of the products, but it was obvious I was paying much more than I would be at the supermarket for similar items. My friend called me and told me he was cancelling his membership as he just wasn't using the product and couldn't keep up with the ordering requirements. The next month, i felt the same way and I did end up cancelling. I can recall there was quite a bit of red tape, but once it was over, it was over.

Just be cautious with this. I can't fault the product quality myself, but the prices and requirements were just not justifiable to continue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I have to say I buy all natural and non toxic products and a few regular and I looked through the catalog and did a price comparison and Melaleuca was cheaper. Maybe in your review you should have added that it depends on what products one purchases to begin with.

Last, a friend did an overview of this company with me and it is nothing as you are stating.


Unfortunately, inaccurate. There is no distributorship, nothing to sell or inventory.

Just signing up to shop is all it is.

One set fee no matter which option you choose-shop only or business building. It's just like a Sam's Club or BJ'S membership but you are buying American-made all natural, non-toxic products.

But thanks .

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