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Melaleuca has proven themselves to be an company that steals your money!! I signed up with this "company" and shortly after, I changed my mind. My decesion to no longer deal with this company has nothing to do with them, I just deceided not to do this business. The...
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My wife and I have been shopping with this company for nearly 1 year. The products are everything they claim them to be.

We also know of people that decided to cancel their membership. The process was simple and very respectful employees on the other end of the line were very helpful. Our friends have even called us back and told us that Melaleuca customer service was the best they had ever encountered. Our whole family uses the products.

They are great! I am 58 yrs old and have noticed my whole life that there are always people who do not get the true facts. Negative minded people are always quick to get you to join with them. Just remember, these kind of people will also speak negative of you.

Very few people will step up and thank a company for doing a great job.

Melaleuca, we are very satisfied customers. THANK YOU

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FIRST Let talk about MLM, Mualti Level Marketing Company's. Did you know that "PRACTICALLY ALMOST" is the 2 words, every Company from the grocery store to walmart, food franchises, to the company that you may currently be working for "IS MUALTI LEVEL MARKETING."...
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I'm reading Melaleuca's study on Oligo and I'm incredibly disappointed that this study has no mention of statistical significance of their results or even what tests they used. They do not define their terms and most of their sources are from the 90s or earlier - the newest being 6 years old.

After having gone to college to learn how to conduct proper research and run statistical analyses, I'm sad to say this article does not pass as a scientific journal article. I'm trying to find out what scientists in the field have to say about it, or if they have any more numbers available, but I'm not having any luck.

In order to say that their products are backed by scientific research you need to know what qualifies research as "scientific." People do need to do their research as some of you say. A little more in depth than you've done though.

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Ok ladies, Let think about why people are trying to give Melaleuca a bad name. 1.Is Melaleuca a great company?Yes,because they care about "WE THE PEOPLE". Regarding you and your children because of the TOXIC CHEMICALS that store brand house hold products that are kill...
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I haven't made squat off melaleuca because I'm not doing the business end, but I will vouch for the quality of their products. They are just as good, if not better that most of the stuff on the market.

There's no scheme going on and if elderly are being preyed upon, shame on those sales reps who are doing so! A 35-point committment is about $70 a month by the time you add in shipping and tax. I can afford it, but it's wrong to lure people who are pinching pennies to begin with to join, no matter how good the products are.

That's a sales rep issue of integrity about making a wise choice on who could benefit from these products. (Well, everyone can, but not everyone can afford them )

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