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I've been a LOYAL customer for 6 months now. I've loved every single one of the products that I've ordered.

When I signed up I was 100% aware that if I didn't place an order, every month, my back up order (that I picked out) would ship out and I would be automatically charged. If the person that signed you up didn't explain that to you then they are liable because they're supposed to explain this to you BEFORE you sign up. Anyways. Melaleuca is amazing.

Their products are of great quality and fairly priced ESPECIALLY since they're cleaning products are all-natural and concentrated. You get 4-6 FULL bottles of cleaner before you ever have to replace it. Since I started taking the vitamins I feel 100% better and have more energy. Since I started washing my hair with their SULFATE FREE shampoo, my hair is shinier and is falling out less.

Since I started using their skin care line my sun spots are starting to disappear. It's unfortunate that some have had negative experiences with Mela because I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Last but not least; I've gotten paid every last cent they've told me I'd get because I DIDN'T BREAK THE CONTRACT THAT I SIGNED BEFORE I JOINED.

Some advise: It helps to read things before you agree and sign them. *Changing Lives, One At A Time*

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Supplement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Melaleuca Pros: Excellent in every way.

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I've been with them since 2008, and we're a family of two (2). We have NO PROBLEM doing 35?

50? 75 points a month. In the 9 years that I've been shopping with them, they have sent me my back up (which is what I want and need) 3 (THREE) times. Shopping is always fun, and I'm buying QUALITY products that no one else has, no one else sells (not in that quality anyway)....

and I get to use my bonus shopping dollars and pay nothing for my order.

Wal-Mart doesn't do that....or CVS or AMAZON or nobody. LOVE THEM.

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