They are pure mlm even thought they are crazy to tell you they are not. Terrible system overal and as a certified nutritionist with a lot of experience I can tell you the products are not as great as they say.

Especially the bars and crackers, horrible. And they keep telling you a lot of missinformation at the sign up as well.

The whole thing is a mess, only focused on making money. Funniest is when they tell you they are better than whole foods...omg...they are not even close to whole foods league, maybe only in prices, lol.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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stay away from them even if you tell them you don't want anything auto shipped they do anyway and going to your account and then there's still unethical that grey out the delete button so you can never delete your credit card information. when I was signing up I said over and over I didn't want anything all the *** eventually this at all we won't we just have to have a card on file will the first month I didn't order anything I got out of shipment and they refused to cancel it I had to cancel my membership now when I signed up I could sign up over the phone but to cancel they had to have my signature in writing they didn't need my signature to take my money out of my account though.

I'm really happy that are you robots out therethey are so satisfied with the *** that they're pushing I broke out when I took the vitamin pack in the so-called concentrated dishwashing liquid lasted me two weeks with just me and my husband washing dishes once a day. I didn't order anything the second month because I still had so much left over from the first month so I was waiting to get rid of all my other stuff they basically lied to you and that's the part I didn't like I was lied to

@little Mac

If you would have taken the time to read your agreement and do your research you would have know that you verbally or physically agreed to all of what you mentioned. I blame you unfortunately.


I don't agree with this person at all. And if you don't like the crackers, don't eat them.

I don't like every product at whole foods either but that doesn't make it a bad store. You obviously are not very familiar with Melaleuca, from your comments. They are not an MLM as the marketing people carry no hyped up products or orders or deliveries.

Also, everyone has the same opportunities to advance at their own rate, even pass the person who enrolled them. Do your homework.


Mel, your a ***. Not an MLM???

then your next statement is" everyone has same opportunities to advance at own rate; even pass the person who enrolled you" !

That IS a MLM... Do your own homework, ***


I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I thought they tasted great