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My daughter recently encouraged me to try some Melaleuca products as she had opened an account with them.I understood that they were made with natural ingredients, etc, etc, so I bought the shampoo and conditioner and a 'lavender scented' home cleaning pack.

I prefer, and only use, essential oils in my home - no synthetic fragrances - and was expecting an essential oil scent at least. Much to my chagrin, the fragrance in the laundry products is awful and smells synthetic, actually its the same fragrance the regular store brands use. And it smells nothing like lavender. I gave the shampoo and conditioner an honest go, using them a few times.

Like the cleaning products, they look, smell and act exactly like cheap drugstore brands. I returned them to my daughter. This company's compensation and marketing plans may be above being called a 'scam', but their products have been falsely represented.

They claim to use 'only the best ingredients' but if they are using synthetic fragrances, I have to question the integrity of the rest of the product.To me, these products seem to be of poor quality and I wouldn't recommend them.

Review about: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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I really like you!You said a mouthful & I'm glad to know someone else feels the way I do regarding Melaleuca.

Scam is an understatement! I wish everyone would just file a compliant with The BBB. Melaleuca has to be stopped.

QUESTION: Did you notice the Rep with the FAKE Check Stub, claiming to be paid over $6000 a month from Melaleuca?Disgraceful.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #1353115

Wow...very impressive, moving ~words.

You nailed it.

I say: (Limit The Kool-Aid intake.Best Advice (>

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