Atlantic City, New Jersey

I was invited to a Wine and Wellness party. I had heard of Malaleuca from my sister who someone gave her some laundry and cleaning stuff.

She had given me some bathroom cleaner and I've had it forever... Sure, it's concentrated and lasts longer, well I have it still after years... the one bottle. I go to the party/presentation and sure there is wine to get me to relax and ready me to more easily make a decision that I might not usually make.

There was a team of people doing the presentation, not actually given by the person that invited me. They discussed their phenomenal success with selling, that they were basically millionaires off this stuff and how great the products are. It all seemed inviting up until the point where you have the choice to get other people to sign up so you, too, can make big bucks. Although they were waiving the $29 sign up fee and it would only be $1, then there's the minimum order every month, no mention of shipping costs.

I am a person that does not buy chemicals. I make my own cleaning products for minimal cost and I do not spend even $50 a month on any of the items that Malaleuca sells, nor do I want to start. I am basically a single mother living paycheck to paycheck. I do not know people that I would sign up and I certainly don't want to contribute money to these millionaires.

I have 2 credit cards that I've been paying down for years and do not make purchases with. Then I have my bank card, no way was I going to give that number away to be debited every month with a mandatory order. They said it's so easy to cancel, but I've read enough reviews online that tell me indeed it is not that easy. Basically they are asking me to spend at least $720 a year on products I don't usually buy (shipping not included).

Plus, obviously, I do not go through products like maybe others would, as I still have a 5 year old bottle of Malalueca bathroom cleaner. I can understand why you don't see many bad reviews on here, and to all those people that make a lot of money and work hard at doing that, good for you!!! But people that are living paycheck to paycheck and are not going to be recruiting others and just be a customer, it's not worth it. I choose superior products for my home and I know what's in them.

I am confident that my house is chemical free and I don't need spend over $700 a year to do that. On top of it, I got to sample some of the company's edibles and drinkables and left there feeling very ill. I read that there is aspartame and other harmful sweeteners in their products... doesn't sound like anything I could recommend.

I'm sure the truthers will come swooping down on me, but really come on. If it comes down to paying your bills or buying products you don't need, it's really a no-brainer. As for natural products and make up, I'll stick with a company like Lush, that makes their products from scratch and uses fair trade and stands up for human rights issues vs.

Mr. Vandersloot, owner of Malaleuca, who is the financial chair for Mitt Romney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sad to read and see that all people do is complain, and when opportunity is put in front of them they complain some more!!!! If you don't like the situation your in, then you have the choice to change it.

If what you have been doing for years, living paycheck to paycheck has not change, then change it!!! I'm sorry, we live in America where the opportunity is endless!!!! "Today's Choices = Tomorrow's Results!" Educate yourself by reading books of successful people.

Having two children, what you show, teach, say, they will follow. So if all you do is live paycheck to paycheck and complain, so will they!!!!


Addressing "My House Is Clean and Healthy", I was invited to the party without being told what it was about in advance, so to say why did I even bother going is irrelevant. I don't make every single cleaning product I use, but a lot of them I do.

You can look up how to make cleaning products and it is really simple. The simple ingredients that melaleuca uses are hopefully close to nature, just as the ones that I use: non-toxic. Maybe I still have some of the bottle of malaleuca because I have other products I use instead and decided that just one bottle of shower cleaner that I coudn't replace wasn't worth using up. It's concentrated right?

Isn't that the big sell for the products? I don't have any cats, and very much appreciated your typical and VERY PREDICTABLE condescending language because it shows what an ugly type of person you really are and if you were a people person, you would maybe think twice before using that kind of language, but hey this is the internet, so just troll away. Why is it not ok for someone who is financially strapped to not sign up for something that they cannot afford? I wanted to justify why I can't do it, and that's why I came on here.

Do you have to be a people person to use malaleuca, no... but if you want to recruit others, then sure, which I suppose you do or else you wouldn't be here putting non-believers down. You are making judgements about me because I decided to not join something I knew wasn't a fit for me. And as far as the politics are concerned, if you don't like a company's stance on issues and where they donate money, that is a legitimate factor in making decisions about what and where you purchase.

I am entitled to my personal agenda. I am thrilled that there are people out there that are loving these "amazing" products and are making a real living or extra cash for signing others up. That is really great, but I know that this is just not for me. My family rarely goes to the doctors..

my children are healthy and I can count on one hand how many sick doctor visits we've had collectively in the last 10 years. I wish everyone wellness and if you believe it's through malaleuca, good for you.


Appears to me that if you had used the cleaner, you would not have it sitting in your cabinet for 5 years and would see the true benefits of Melaleuca. I am not sure why you attended the gathering in the first place.

Your mind was not open to seeing what is available. I agree with you, it is better that you stay out of this company. You wouldn't do well anyway. You don't strike me as a people person.

Stay in your house and mix your concoctions. Oh by the way...we do have pet kind of sound like the crazy cat lady...Where do you live...I don't want to come to your are evidently not cleaning it.


melulca is a pyramid scam. that over charges you for products and undersize them.

If you read the ingreidents there not organic or green.its the same stuff you can get from walmart for 3 times cheaper. They lie.

theres cases on this company. complete mlm pryamid scam.i dont buy or deal with this company.


Wow. What a comment.

I want to say that Melaleuca isn't for everyone. A friend of mine (the one that signed me up) used to make her own cleaning products like you do but when she realized they weren't really getting things cleaned, she switched to Melaleuca. Again, there are people that it isn't a good fit for and it sounds like you are one of them. And that's ok!

I'm disappointed in the "Wine & Wellness" party that you went to. That was pretty crummy of the one that invited you. I do want to say that there is NO Aspartame in any of their products. NONE.

Do you think maybe you felt a little ill because of the wine? The food products rank very high on the tasty list for everyone that I know, and my bathroom cleaner lasts only about 8 months or so.

Again, if Melaleuca isn't for you, there's nothing wrong with that. I do wish you well!


I'm looking at one of their products now and there's aspartame and sucralose in it. SplashH20.


There's absolutely no aspartame in Splash2o . And sucralose is safe substitute for sugar .safest out of all sugar substitutes .

Little research is in order . And I don't mean some blogger or pseudo scientist you find on your FB wall


I tend to agree. Their is so many ways to go green without putting allot of green out.


There is no aspartame in Melaleuca products. Your last line showed your true agenda.


The SplashH20 product has aspartame in it, as well as Sucralose, which are very bad artificial sweeteners.


I just read the product label. There is no aspartame.

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