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I am retired and was looking for something to "do." After researching some WAH businesses, I thought this was the one as I had experienced MLM twice before. Melaleuca states they are not pyramid scheme and while I understand how they arrive at that conclusion, I have decided that it is pyramid.

Joining for $1 seemed pretty minimal, however, I fell for the BIG package to convert my home to natural products. Included business cards, etc. I worked the business as instructed, come up with 50 people for your "contact list" and keep adding to it. I recently moved and didn't know anyone much where I am living.

In retrospect, I can see how I was probably a real turnoff to some of my family and friends. Long story short, for me to make any real money I was at the point I would have had to 'buy' leads and it is constantly developing "contact list." I purchased some RM Barry Wellness Guides thinking I would use these as welcome gifts for new enrollees who wanted to build a business. Months ago, I determined it was not working for me. I have contacted the person who enrolled me and her upline.

No response to try to help me sell these books at a low price to someone else who might want them. Once I cut back from Cat 2 to Cat 1 that was the end of their use for me. I like some of the products Melaleuca has, but can't keep paying approx. $80 a month after tax and shipping.

I order one month and then cancel my membership for 3-4 months at a time to avoid the required points you have to spend and still get the products I want. Some of their products last so long, there is no way you would need to order them every month. Too expensive after tax and shipping. Shipping costs too high.

The way I am doing it, keeps me from having to pay an enrollment fee when I want to become active again to order something and I still get Preferred Customer pricing. Don't know how much longer I will "hang on" but they really know how to "sell" the business on that webinar. I really wanted to like this company but I feel I did what they said, invested a lot of time to train myself and familiarize myself with their products. Chalking this up to another life lesson learned.

No more MLM's for me EVER(even though they say they are not MLM). I am not going to buy leads to try to keep myself in a business.

Personally, I do not see how anyone can make any significant amount of money doing this part time, even though it is presented as a possibility. It has been my experience, the only people who really make money on these types of businesses are the ones who get in on the ground floor, when the business is first started.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Owner is only makes money its a pyramid scheme and scam.stop buying there products.there not natural.read the ingredients.go to walmart. Or Costco and save our money.there's law suits on this companies.they sai . Tooth paste was safe a kid swalled and almost died.90 percent of people drop out.they have set up so when you drop out they were guaranteed there.don't buy those guides they tell you that but its set up for you to failelulca complete scam


It sounds like you did not get the right training. There is still a lot of opportunity to make money but like anything else, it is not for everyone.

You can not reap if you do not sow. And if people don't think you can lead them why would they do business with you.


First you should not be buying LEADS...and obviously your enroller didnt tell you how to build your melaleuca business the proper way.My wife and I have been in Melaleuca for 3 yrs this month,and we are doing very well and never wasted money on buying leads....I train my people on my 3ft rule, just make a conversation,and look for ways to help people.We got to senior Director in our 4th month and Exc in our 14th month....if you need any help email me at cjhunter777@aol.com



My guess is you never heard back from this gentlemen. Many of these negative comments are false.

People will however believe just about anything before examining for themselves. They look for reasons why things wont work vs looking for the things that work. Many people are afraid to succeed period. For those I say stay at your dead end jobs and force yourself to look happy.

I really enjoy helping others to receive great products vs the *** on the shelves from greed driven manufacturers.

And it comes right to my door. No Brainer.