I have been a Melaleuca customer for about ten years. I build a small business with it for a few years, but now I am happy just being a customer.

The monthly product requirement is not an issue for me. I look forward to purchasing each month, and the products are unique and a good value. I have never felt pressured to order more than I need. In fact, at the time I enrolled as a customer, I recall that the person who enrolled me would only earn commission on the first 100 product points of my order each month.

Overall, I enjoy my relationship with this company and feel that they have always treated me fairly.

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Yes, Melaluca is a multi level marketing company. If you are getting paid to share with people, and the person who signed you up to buy at a discount is getting paid on what you are buying, plus whatever your enrollee is buying, then it's a multi level marketing company.

That's 3 levels of people. The only way to not be a multi level marketing company would be if everyone was a direct member of the company, and nobody got paid for telling people about it.


This company has something to do with Mitt Romney...that says it all. They also contribute large amounts of money to the R party and attempt to block the D party. Companies should not have more power or influence than the people.

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