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I love their products. I converted My home with their products because it helped my daughter's eczema(renew Lotion) and helped me with my asthma(ecosence cleaners), enough that I don't have to use my inhaler. Many of my friends and family are happy that I introduced to...
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Thought we were geting ourself into some good products and an honest company. This company does nothing but scam you. Once you cancel your membership they make stories up saying that your membership was not cancelled and they keep sending out monthly orders. When I got...
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I came across this website due to a close friend I was trying to enroll. He read all of these comments.

Heres my two sense. Everyone has the right to express, complain and so on.The bottom line, this is a business like anything else. I work full time and explored all other opportunities out there where I can create a part time business and have an additional stream of income. I have done real estate and construction.

Nothing wrong with either one but a lot of fees. Where else can you start a business under $300.00 or not even, become a customer and enjoy great products. Obviously for all the nay sayers this is a bad deal. Not really, if you want to run a strong legitimate business with no overhead, no capital and dont worry about liabilty insurance this is your chance.

This is not a get rich job, it takes time and patience. I dont know where Im going with this that I am writing but guys, seriously either you have a bad team leader, or your with a MLM which Melaleuca is not, believe it or not cause this is not a business model that "First one in Wins and Last one in Loses" Everyone starts off on the same page. Look, with gas prices squeezing our pockets, crazy economy and loss of jobs, the sky is your limit. You make what you want and how you want.

Go @ your own pace. Theres no pressure, again if you have been pressured shame on the enroller. I dont let anyone push me around and neither should you. Sucks some have had a bad experience but re evaluate your goals and re consider.

Theres never gonna be companies out there that are gonna give you that one shot pot of gold, but you can go after it and create it. Im rambling on while sitting on break @ my full time job.

Hope to hear some feedback.If my spelling is not correct, I apologize due to writing fast. Take care guys

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Melaleuca in New York, New York - Stopped my periodontal problems cold

I had pockets that were 6's and 8's in all four quadrants of my mouth. I was ready for surgery on my gums. I was intoroduced to Melaleuca vitamins and dental products and never had to do the surgery. I didn't regain any of the bone loss that had occured, but it stopped the problem cold. I have been a customer of Melaleuca for 14 years and th company is amazing. There products work as well or better than those you buy in the grocery store and we actually save money and are able to get them deliveered, not to mention they are safe to use and breathe. John F
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Same type of experience with the dental care line - my margins are now 1's and 2's and I am a 63 year old.

Dont't usualy find 63 year olds with those kinds of margins and with no signs of gum disease.

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