Las Vegas, Nevada

I was hesitant to get involved with them because of some of the "complaints" I'd read here. But I had heard so many good things about them from so many other sources, and my sister kept telling me their renew lotion was the best thing she had found for her sever dry skin I decided to try them for a few months. I must say I am thoroughly impressed with both their products and customer service.

Placing orders over the phone is easier than the internet for me, and they have some of the best agents I've ever spoken with. They are friendly, helpful, and I've never felt pressured to buy anything.

Their products are definitely above par - much higher quality the lower end products found in the grocery store. I'd have to compare them more with the quality you'd find in a high-end salon or specialty store. At the same time, their pricing is somewhere between the two: lower than the salon, a bit more expensive than grocery store. At the end of the day, a great value in my opinion. My favorite so far is their hair and personal-care products. I haven't tried their nutritional products yet, but I've heard they're pretty good too.

My biggest complaint, if there was one, is that it takes about 3 days from the time I place an order until I get it at my home. That's not the company's fault in my opinion, but UPS. I realize it takes time for something to travel a couple thousand miles.

So now I think back as to why there are so many complaints about Melaleuca on here. The only thing I can think of is because this is a "Complaint" website - so of course there are going to be complaints. But I have not seen a single one of the issues people have listed here. Maybe there have been a few bad experiences, but in my experience with them, I doubt it. Maybe it is the same person posting under different names? Maybe there was a bad rep out there causing problems? who knows. All I know is they have been great to work with - and in my opinion, you just cant trust the complaints on here.

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