Schaller, Iowa
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Melaleuca's promises to refund money on any purchases made within 60 days. I joined and found that some of the product was unusable and some didn't work as promised.

I returned a large amount of merchandise and was promised a refund on part of it and they would get back to me on the rest of it. The small refund barely covered my return postage. I have never received the small refund; never heard anymore on the rest of the items; and have yet to hear back on any of my emails to the company.

Good luck to anyone dealing with them.

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Have been with this great company for nearly 20 years. The products are exceptional, safer and better than any others on the market.

By choice, we have built a small business as well and have received a monthly check every month!

By comparison, it's the most honest, reliable, fair and generous company we've come across.

Highly recommend giving it a try, to better your health and financial situation.

With the economy the way it is, with no promise as to when it will get better ~ everyone needs a "Plan B" to supplement or create income for themselves and their families!


I closed my account with this company in October/2007 afterreturning closed boxes of UNWNATED and UNREQUESTED merchandise. Up to this day I have not been refunded for the moneys I paid.

They keep sending me letters stating that I have a “credit” with them, but no money is sent to me. When I called again today, the lady told me that I have a 94.00 credit, which is way below what these thieves took from my credit card and, said she, that every time they send me a “reminder’s letter” it costs ME 10.00! This is ridiculous! This company should be investigated because they are just taking money from people.

I live in a free country where I can still buy what I need/want, where/when I want/need! If we don’t order, they send us merchandise anyway and they are in advantage because when we receive those UNWANTED PRODUCTS they have already been already paid for anyway! I was *** not to ask my bank right away not to honor any transaction with that company. Now, two years later I am still fighting to get my money back and what I hear is that my “credit” went lower because they have to send me letters that cost 10.00 each and that is taken from MY CREDIT!

THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what Melaleuca is! Nothing but a bunch of liars and THIEVES!!!!!!!!!

I will be happy to see them exposed on 20/20, 60 Minutes, Dateline and ALL OVER THE MEDIA!!!

I will be happy to see them CLOSED forever! I hope the Better Business Bureau will honor themselves in taking action against this DISHONEST COMPANY: MELALEUCA!!


Well, your above complaint is lacking details. Which products do you claim to not work as promised or even unusable.

Unusable? What do you mean unusable? It sounds pretty silly and you sound like another angry consumer, who probably was impatient or didn't get what they wanted and how they wanted. I'd like to point out that cancellation is done in writing.

And, if you should have a so-called problem with Melaleuca, then go to the BBB and they will help you resolve your issue. If you think they're going to jump up and do it over night, you're severely mistaken. But, who am I to speak?

After all, Melaleuca was inducted into the Better Business Bureau's (BBB) Hall of Fame. So, stop trying to discredit an honest company, who's motto is people helping people, with these false accusations.


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