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They make ordering products so easy, but if you really need to return or get refund for products, you will need to run to their limited numbers of offices personally, also if you are trying to cancel your backup order which they will charged you and send products to you monthly same hassle applied. If you are not keen on building the MLM or they called it referral market (whatever you call it, you still need to pull people in joining under you.) DO NOT sign up for the back up order and pressure whoever brought you into the program to help you for doing all the return or refund of products, since they are the one who get you into all these problem.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It really is amazing how difficult it is for the complainers to figure out how to download the cancellation form from the same website they order and fax it in by the 25th of the month. Wow that was hard to cancel! I'll never quit needing healthier, safer and in alot of cases (believe it or not) cheaper products that are all made in the old USA.


Sorry you had a terrible experience with them. The back up order is part of the membership with them.

It is part of their being able to manufacture their products fresh. The person who enrolled you should have explained all you need to do is suspend your membership beforthe last day of the month and you would have not received the back up order. Your enroller also should have explained how to select a back up order so that should you need it you will have the products you need. I have been a happy consumer for almost two years.

I will never shop anywhere else because of the quality of their products.

Its also a great piece of mind knowing I don't have to worry about my 2 year old getting into my cleaning products. I love giving my children vitamins that I know help them and not harm them!!


This company is top of the line! I have been a customer for 8 months...NO COMPLAINTS.

The products and service is like no other. Don't be persuaded by the negative.....try it for yourself before you judge. Make up your own mind.

:) Once again Melaleuca is the best out there and you will love it too!


Melaleuca don't have hand location!!! I don't know what you're talking about!

If you mean by hand lotion that's not even close! No hand lotion that high a price. All I know is the hand cream for $4.50. Is that high price?

If you really understand the quality of this products you won't say what you said. I challenge you to compare them with the products outside.

I'm very happy with this company and their products. I've been a member for more than five years and will continue to use them the rest of my life.


Sound like you did not fully understand the backup order procedure. Also to discontinue your membership there is guidelines to follow. One would need to go to there online account and adhere to the instructions.


Returning products is easy. You don't return them "locally", you send them back to Melaleuca in Idaho.

To keep from getting your backup order, you either place an order, or suspend or cancel your membership, which is also easy. To cancel or suspend, you sign a piece of paper and fax it in. 90% of Melaleuca customers do not refer anyone.

They buy the products and they are happy just buying. There's no pressure to build a business.


there is pressure to build a business trust me been there done that--and when you cant afford the time to call people after working 10-12 hour full time shifts,elsewhere--Melaleuca isn't happy. Love the products because they are concentrated and go far--just hate the pressure of selling and calling people--kind of like a car salesman (sales people I cant stand!) And if you sign up like I did you get hit up to sign up for this and that to get your website out there--which costs money as well. Guess if you don't have a life you have the time to sit and call people all day and hope to get someone to join to make money.


No there is no pressure to build a business from Melaleuca. 90% of the people just shop, they don't build a business.

And we don't sell.

You don't need to get a website. You don't need to do anything.


I've been a member for eight months and in my experience I have NEVER been pressured into "selling and calling people...". I'm baffled by your comment and was wondering if it was possibly the person who brought you in as a member or the one who brought that person in...

so on,etc.? It could be possible, a particular person who makes $ from your purchases and any people you bring in is stepping over polite boundaries and is out there behaving in a manner that is in complete opposition to Melaleuca policy.

Melaleuca has great products that are good for human beings and the planet and they continue to work hard to improve in any way they can. Melaleuca has so much going for it, there is no pressure to bring in more members, sell their products, collect money or keep products stocked in your home. I think it sells itself and if someone likes the products enough to become a member, then they will.

Being able to trust this company and be proud of what they're all about is reassuring as a consumer and I trust if I had an issue with one of their products they would have no problem with me returning it.

We are all responsible for what we sign up for and spend money on. I had to go back and get questions answered for myself after initially being introduced. . .not everything sinks in the first time I hear it.

I am still learning about all the products and the company and learning the best way to make it work for me.

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