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A friend of mine signed me up and I thought great I can work towards selling the products like I do so for Avon and maybe make some extra money. Well I was partly right...the one thing they don't tell you is every month regardless you have to order a certain amount.

Mine was $100.00. If you don't have anyone to order from you, they still charge you the monthly amount and send you a repeat of your last shipment.

I didn't find much of a difference and the vitamins made me so ill I would throw up for days. I can't say this is a good or bad company but one thing is for sure, they are a pyramid scheme!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Melaleuca Pros: Customer service.

Melaleuca Cons: Minimum monthly payments, Pressure to sell, Pyramid scheme.

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You people that are complaining how you "got scammed" do realize you joined a SHOPPING CLUB, right??? And, are you kidding me???

How you can complain about making small purchases when YOU ARE TOLD UPFRONT it is a SHOPPING CLUB, with a point minimum purchase each month to stay active in the club? You knew what you were signing up for. If you don't like, cancel.

But to blame a top notch company because YOU didn't participate in the Club as you agreed to is in no way the company's fault. Nothing is a scam about Melaleuca, but these bad reviews are just people who did not participate as they agreed to and now, it's everybody else's fault that they aren't happy.


You are so wrong. I can not imagine what you were told that could make you feel this way.

It is most definitely not an MLM, as a customer and Marketing Exec I do not sell anything. Why you think you had to spend $100 a month is ***. Monthly min order is 35points so you are in charge of how much you spend and clearly the products had no value to you since you felt you were forced to buy stuff. The products I use are safer and cost less.

I am shopping for necessities not luxuries.

So sorry for your experience. Sounds to me like your friend may have not known what she was doing and did not care enough about you to explain this great discount shopping club very well.


I have been a melaleuca customer for over 5 years, and a marketing executive for 4, and let me tell you, there is not a shred of MLM or scheme in this business.

One- you dont sell a single thing.

Two- if you are interested in earning an income, you can refer customers to the store. But you are not obligated to.

And three- there is no "new" money. Meaning you are just budgeting your money to another store.

You are not buying anything that you don't already use.

If you have any more questions, please contact me.


I hate to be the one to point fingers so I'm not going to really technically Point any fingers, but don't be afraid you call a company and MLM, that doesn't make it a bad thing and yes Melaleuca is an MLM in respect you are still making compensation based on somebody else doing or buying products which you refer to or through your Melaleuca site there for yes it is multi-level marketing but multi-level marketing doesn't have to be bad. In my opinion multi-level marketing is just three really long words defining one taking hard work and self goal oriented business into their own hands in order to make money for themselves that in the long run will pay off to where they can have all their financial goals met.

But what I have found through research is most of the people who want to join an MLM or who have joint in MLM don't want to work or don't want to put in any effort and fail and then paint a bad name. So if I were to give any advice even to someone a successful as you : stop telling people it's not on MLM to scare them away cuz MLM is not bad, MLM like I said is just a really fancy way of saying "work your butt off for a little bit to reap the rewards " that's all it really means


How shady. they have to solicit themselves to refute a review? lol what a joke


My dear, I like many of Melaleuca's products. However, if you make more money the higher the "level" you are and encouraging others to join the club gives you a greater monthly paycheck, that is the definition of an MLM. Denying that really shreds your credibility.


You are horribly misinformed.....


The first thing you state is that you planned to sell the products like you did with Avon. Obviously you have a terribly misinformed person giving you information, or you just don't understand how this company works.

They not only do not want you to "sell" their products... but they highly discourage it and want you to work the business accordingly or simply buy products for yourself. There is no way you were forced to purchase 100$ worth of product. wrong, wrong, wrong.

You sign a contract that says you will purchase a certain amount of points each month, and then you teach others and encourage them to do the same. No one should ever be "ordering from you" The products are legit and very high quality... and the company is praised in Forbes top 100. This company is not a pyramid scheme...

and if you understood how the company is supposed to work, and understood what a pyramid scheme is...

you wouldn't even make that claim. Make sure you read AND understand contracts before you sign them in any situation, and then you will be less likely to misunderstand things and therefor avoid feeling victimized.


you Melaleuca robots are so funny. This is multi level marketing whether you chose to believe it or not.

The only way to make money is to have other people become customers. So you are constantly asking people to join or become "members", to have preferred status you have to order enough products to equal 35 points which is a lot if you only have 2 people in your house hold. If you signed up as preferred(which you can do over the phone but to cancel they need your signature) you have to order every month and if you don't you will have products auto shipped to you whether you need them or not and be charged. If you catch it before they "ship" the order they still won't cancel your order, you have to wait for them to ship it at your expense then you can ship it back again at your expense.

This company does victimize people. People if you put in your card information and the delete button is greyed out then HOUSTON YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM. HIGHLY UNETHICAL and indeed a pyramid scheme. Now you can remain a regular customer but then you have to buy inferior products for premium prices.

Stay away if you want to keep your money. All those people who give this company "great reviews" have obviously been brain washed.

The fantastic vitamins made me break out I had to stop taking them. Chemical free, really what you they call added colorants and added fragrances?(chemicals) but we are not supposed to know that


Ms Rosita.

I will give you the respect of calling you by your name. The fact is if you had a bad enrolled I am sorry that happens in every company.

But your conception of Melaleuca is wrong. I am not a robot, but I do know we manufacture over 500 safer for you home and environment products. I live in Knoxville so I shop at the store every month. Our competitors are Procter and Gamble, emo by the way just moved their operations to Asia, Johnson and Johnson who is now being sued and fined by the government because of cancer causing agents in their products, and Colgate Palmolive.

They are consumer product companies and so are we. We sell consumables goods just like out competitors. We are membership base like Sam's club and Costco. Except our membership is less expensive and no bulk buying.

You but what you need for your home. Simple as that. If you take a bath wash your hair, clean your home, brush your teeth, every day you have met your monthly commitment. But if you area a nasty person and don't keep clean you will not met your monthly commitment.

If you don't like your membership you get in touch with your enroller tell them to cancel you. There should be no problem if you choose wisely when picking the right person to enroll with. Melaleuca is having a record year 2016. Because people are getting smarter about what they put on and in their bodies.

Except for dollar store customers. They don't seem to care what they poison their families with.


Wow. You legitimately tried to call someone nasty if they don’t use your product.

Completely terrible sales tactics.

I am so floored by you robotic idiots.




I purchase melaleuca every month and do not spend a $100. The most I have spent is $65 and that was on cleaning supplies I would have had to purchase at a retail store.


I feel bad for all the desperate people out there who are so eager to believe this ***... it is a scheme, a pyramid scheme.

Yes, they sell a product, who cares, most pyramid schemes hide behind products now.. I joined, got my " back up order" then ordered the next month. I watched the video to earn some " free product" not free, I had to choose more product, spend over $120 dollars ( each month to get my 35 points) cause the " free products" were not included in the point total. You will not make money.

You go on and on and on about all the " benefits" of the products, but just know you are making someone else money. I cancelled, thank goodness. walk away, run away. Be smarter then them.

"if its too good to be true then it's a scam!!!" when the conversation about the company starts off with " its not a pyramid scheme" run, run far far away.

No company should force you to spend a certain amount, and if you don't just spend it for you...

seriously, who would allow that??

*** is as *** does


I love Melaleuca products! I've used them sence 2008.

You chose to spend as much as you want to come up with 35 pt. if you use melaleuca for your only store, there should not be a problem . I can order 35 pt and only cost me $65.00 it all depends on what you order. It's NOT a scam!!

For one you are not saling anything, you share the great organic no- toxin product with others and the product said it all ! YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND A SERTAIN AMOUNT IF YOU DONT WANT TOO!! it's your choice on which one you sign up with. It's just the other offer you won't get whole sale prices.

It's like signing up with a club and you can make money if you want too. Or you can just use it as your store and have products dropped off at your door.

Says gas ,time and money! The products are good for you and the invirement.


They're not a pyramid scheme. They do tell you up front that you have to buy a certain amount, but not $100.

Obviously, the person who signed you up didn't disclose like they are instructed to and they must have made your order because the minimum order is as low as $35.

And if you have a problem with any of their products, you can return them for a refund.

I've done business with various direct marketing companies and Melaleuca is the best most honest I've ever seen.

I am not currently a customer or distributor so I have no skin in the game. However, I am going to join them again because I respect their products amd ethics.


It's a points system, and I had to buy products totaling 35 points each month. I live alone and there was nothing I could buy totaling $35 that was also 35 points.

If so, tell me what they were. My order was always $80 - $100, for 35 points. AND I had to pay shipping! I cancelled my membership.

There were products I loved, but couldn't buy them each month.

I cancelled over 6 months ago, and I'm still using up products from Melaluca. For families, it's probably great, but not for singles.

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