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Tried to purchase the luxury skin creme ($130 plus shipping plus an 80 point item) and attempted to apply my loyalty dollars ($18) and couldn't. Phoned customer service, transferred to a nice young man that I thought was in technical problems...not. Was told that I...
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The rules could not be simpler. You must meet your monthly commitment (in your case 35 points) before you can apply any Loyalty Dollars. It's written in simple English.


When you pay the fee to become a preferred shopper it should have been clearly stated that EVERY month you are active you must purchase 35 points worth of products. This is ho...

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Easy to get into but the divorce is no fun. Nothing special about the products but the "monthly commitment" has to be experienced to be believed. If you don't buy at least the amount of your commitment, they send you stuff anyway. I have sent 4 different faxes,...
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If you sign up over the phone, the rep says you must cancel in writing by the 25th of the month. If you sign up on paper, the note in the bottom right corner says the same th...

me too

Wow, the more I read, the more I am not impressed with the stepford wives mentality of pro melaleuca users. It\'s all the same \"Oh my! I can\'t believe that YOU\'VE had that ...

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