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As a customer of Melaleuca, one who has been with them for many years, I find the complaints here to be irrational. When a customer is set up on a preferred status they are asked to set up an order of things they would like to receive in case they are busy and forget to place their order, this package would be delivered and keep their preferred status and continue the benefits of direct wholesale shopping.

What that means to them is that they continue to get the better products at better rates and allows them the privilege to earn referral income as well if they have referred anyone to the wholesale shopping network. If a customer doesn't want to keep up the minimum shopping requirements they need only call the person who signed them up and change over to a non preferred customer status and order the things they like when they want at the retail price instead of the preferred wholesale price. If they want to cancel entirely they need only download a form and fill it out and send it in and they will be cancelled. I know because I have done this in the past, foolish because I love the products and I did return to being a customer and I have referred people to Melaleuca and as a reward I do make referral bonus every month on the customers who signed up under myself.

I can choose to shop at any of the retailers and I never get money back on my shopping or anyone I send there, the products are in my opinion inferior and harmful to the users. I get wholesale pricing with Melaleuca with in my opinion better products that do the same or better job then national brands. I get the products delivered to my door and I never get my back up order because I order what I want every month. With over 350 products available I never have an issue with that monthly minimum and I never have to pay retail and my cleaning products especially are so much better and less expensive when you figure that they are concentrated and one bottle makes several bottles for nearly the price of one of the national alternatives.

This is something I am passionate about, some people decide to try something for a friend and they don't get it, this is switching stores so try a bunch of products so you know what you like and what you don't, all the products come with a empty bottle money back guarantee so if you use the product and you give it a healthy try and decide you don't like it you can let the company know and get a refund so you are out nothing to try it and that goes for everything they have. If you try only a couple items and those are what you have in your back up order and you only receive your back up order you will become over stocked and become discouraged thinking you can't use your minimum requirement. However if you go through your daily routine and switch the things you use from the retailers to the brands at Melaleuca, you will soon find out you are actually saving money and time and get better results with better products. We all wash our hands, body and hair, shave, use aftershave and cologne, and women use make up and we all use deodorant or antiperspirant, we brush our teeth and use mouthwash.

This all before you get dressed for work. We all or at least I hope we all clean the floors, counters, dishes, windows, mirrors. We all disinfect surfaces and wash our clothes, we chew gum, we use dietary products and we drink energy drinks and flavored water and eat snacks and mints and cereal etc. etc.

etc. Switch over the home and give it a real try and you will prefer the products to the old ones you are currently buying and because you try more than a couple of items you will find you will not have any of these issues.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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You sounds like doing someone a favour to write such a long message.


you Melaleuca robots are so funny. This is multi level marketing whether you chose to believe it or not.

The only way to make money is to have other people become customers. So you are constantly asking people to join or become "members", to have preferred status you have to order enough products to equal 35 points which is a lot if you only have 2 people in your house hold. If you signed up as preferred(which you can do over the phone but to cancel they need your signature) you have to order every month and if you don't you will have products auto shipped to you whether you need them or not and be charged. If you catch it before they "ship" the order they still won't cancel your order, you have to wait for them to ship it at your expense then you can ship it back again at your expense.

This company does victimize people. People if you put in your card information and the delete button is greyed out then HOUSTON YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM. HIGHLY UNETHICAL and indeed a pyramid scheme. Now you can remain a regular customer but then you have to buy inferior products for premium prices.

Stay away if you want to keep your money. All those people who give this company "great reviews" have obviously been brain washed.

The fantastic vitamins made me break out I had to stop taking them. Chemical free, really what you they call added colorants and added fragrances?(chemicals) but we are not supposed to know that