Ogden, Utah

I went to the meeting with 2 in the business husband and wife, my friend and a couple others, it was really informative, I realized the vitamins were better than I had thought, I won't mention other companies. I realized they had been going green since the beginning.

I don't want to build a business, I want to be able to use high quality stuff that isn't from china or has other hidden agenda problems. I know the products are very good, I know they keep adding and changing. I tried the energy drink that looks like a 5 hr thing and it really tasted good and was energizing, I tried the yougart grain bar and realized it had less sugar and was more nutritious. So end of story, we all went out to eat and I drove home, it was an 80 mile round trip, and was worth it.

I signed up, I didn't but a package, but my friend did. I had seen the toothpaste years before, and I realized the stuff actually didn't leave stuff on my teeth, so that was a plus, I plan on using everything I can, especially the water soluable vitamins. It is to bad that people expect a miracle from any company, you have to put in time, you have to use products, and you have to have get togethers and expect NOTHING from anyone, that way, you won't pressure people or be disappointed. When you have a good message of good product and you talk about it, in time people will want to try it, just be patient.

As far as getting money back, I know nothing, anyone that has a problem, asks for a supervisor, and use a fax machine, and document, then try to fix it before you start telling the world how awful your experience was, I know for a fact the office people try the best they can to give good customer service, the owner of the company has trained those people well. In these days of suprises, it's nice to know there are companies and people that will give the best they can for the money you have.

You don't need to dream about making it big in life, just share it and go on your way, and keep sharing it, and in time you will help people, think of helping people instead of making money and you will be happier in life. Because in reality, people need these products, people don't know how to eat anymore, and there is acid reflex, and all kinds of problems associated with eating poorly and having poor health, it's a no brainer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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