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Last fall my brother, who is recently deceased, got me into this company. I have done everything possible to stop shipments, and get out of this terrible merry-go-round, including filling out and sending Melaluca their formal paper work, in February of 2018, asking to cancel my membership, and to PLEASE not send me any more products.

Sometime during the last month or two they sent SOMETHING (I have no idea what), to me at an address in San Antonio, TX, (I live 800 miles away in Tennessee), that I did not order; and for the last two months I have been getting harassing phone calls asking me to pay the $76.00 bill. No matter how hard I try to explain to the idiots in melaluca's customer service that I did not order the product, asked months earlier, in writing on their paperwork, that they discontinue all shipments of products, they claim to have shipped more product.

By the way - when my brother died two months ago, I called Melaluca and told them that he was no longer alive, and they should not ship anything to him - after talking to supervisor after supervisor at Melaluca, I was told that they would change his status to "direct order customer". When I pointed out that he was dead, and would probably never order anything again, the customer service agent at Melaluca told me "well I see your point, but my manger told me to list him as a direct order customer, not a lost customer" THAT SHOULD TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THIS COMPANY THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. In my opinion, Melaluca preys on people who are financially disadvantaged, and ties tem up, along with their friends and relatives, promising income, utilizing an automated shipping program, that is just about impossible to get out of.

If you want to know what I think of Melaluca, please call me at 615-828-7281. Fred Sly

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have never had any issues with Melaleuca, not ever. I have been a preferred customer and gotten out at times when I couldn't afford it and then gotten back, love, love their products!!


Truth is always the best argument. Thank you for sharing your story and taking my call!

I believe ever word of your story.

Sad your brother gave his last days scheming/ pandering to a sloppy_-_mess such as Melaleuca, Inc. Ken Klocke #Veteran #FreedomFighter


I heard a story about another company sending mail to a deceased individual. The family notified the company the person had died to no avail. Eventually they notified the company of a change of address and provided the address of the cemetery and the deceased's lot number.


You call the company and cancel. Pretty darn simple. Use a phone.


I have been in similar messes with other companies. Ii was able to discontinue with Melaleuca,but it took a lot of hoops.

Here is the easiest fix for the problem. Go to your bank an tell them your credit/debit card may have been stolen.The bank will immediately shut down that card and issue you a new card and new number. The hassle is that you will have to remove the old card and add the new one to every account you have. But it ends the problem.

No money!

No merchandise! I hope this helps

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