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Ordered Melaleuca through a friend, typical mulit-level "legalized" pyramid scheme, where "friends" and relatives talk you into buying a product at an absurdly high price, talk you into giving access to your checking/debt account and they have you sign a contract that is extremly difficult for elderly people to get out of. You are required to send in writing that you don't want it anymore, with account number and details.

If you tell them you never used the product and wish to return it for a refund, you are told that your "contract" does not allow that, unless it's right after you ordered it, and it also takes about a month's notice to get them to stop debiting your account. To put it very kindly they are inconsiderate jerks. So you say, "that's putting it kindly?" yes, they are criminals, yet have lawyers figuring out how to cheat people and do it so they can't be sued. Normally you would have some recourse with the state Consumer protection agency, but with a very tiny population state, Melaleuca provides a lot of work and tax dollars, so they are not going to kill the golden goose.

If you lost money, about all you can do, without throwing good money after bad it so just write it off as a painful experience. And warn others to avoid them. Of course this is only my exerience, my feelings about them are only related to my own expeience, as in "this is how I feel about what they did to me" I say that for legal reasons so they don't sue me, because they probably would. You will read positive reveiews, of course I have no way of knowing, but my guess is they are prepeared by Melaleuca people.

There are, I am guessing, hundreds of thousands of unhappy "customers- that is to say, I would call them "victims" who are elderly and don't know enought to complain, or whom to complain to. There are boxes of unopened Melaleuca that they won't take back. My bank finally helped me stop them from debiting my account. I was unable to do so because of my disabilty.

someone is typing this for me. Hope you didn't get ripped off.

Let the buyer beward is the old axiom. Never buy something from a friend or relative that you would not buy from the grocery store yourself.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Melaleuca is a lie, do not believe it please.Do not let deceive. :sigh


it seems like you did not understand their program...even as a customer i have saved money with Melaleuca over the last nine years.if want to cancel they have an easy downloadable form on their site. Their products are much better quality than I used to buy at the store and they are very well priced unless you just shop at the dolar for everything you buy....they sent me a little check every month even though I did not refer people to shop as well which is I am buying american manufactured items instead of items made in China, and outside of the US.....everything is good for me and for my family........


Never get involved with pyramid schemes. I can't believe people feel these are safe business models.


This is not a pyramid scheme as they are illegal.:x This is a consumer direct company like other catalog companies.


hey Gerry, I totally agree with you. watch out for those MLM companies that promise a lot, but yield little.

people feel safe because they are misinformed. then they are hit with the truth about that company(and truth hurts)and they get hurt. but what company were you referring to?

I know of a couple rip offs myself. Amway, Primerica, Mary Kay, Avon, and Scentsy to name a few.


I have shopped for over nine years at Melaleuca...saved money better priced beter quality products than the grocery store and got a little check every month...thats more than I can say for the stores that I used to shop no I do not refer customers.......maybe you didn't understand your membership.....I hate to calculate al the shipping costs that are in the products you buy a the grocery store when they are made outside of this country shipped across the ocean, through multiple distribution centers before they land on the shelves at the store....not good quality and not American made either.............


Dear Mr. Birch, like 'satisfied' says below, I apologize for what you went through.

from the words you were using, I'd say that company was an MLM. Melaleuca is not, and it's a shame that whoever showed you the company presented it as such. we set up shopping accounts; you buy right from the company, that's why we are the first ever Consumer Direct Marketing company. no distribution, no taking orders/making deliveries, no pressuring customers to purchase, and ultimately NO RISK!

you can cancel at any time for a full refund. and if you don't like a product, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund as well. can't do that with the Verizon 2 YEAR CONTRACT that I have signed up for 3 times now. huge cancellation fee.

not with Melaleuca. I'd love to chat sometime.

you can tell me all about your experience. 570 8070 9069


a p.s., Melaleca never refunded the amount for returned product, and instead of issuing credit, sent a form saying that I had credit, but didn't say how much, and that this credit would be used to renew -pay for membership-I chose to ignore, to quote an old saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

and if you are "sick of hearing negatives" I recomend working with/ dealing with a company that is honest


Mr. Birch,

I am truly sorry you had such a difficult time.

I've been a satisfied customer for 13 years and if I hear comments against Melaleuca it is because whoever enrolled them left them high and dry. This isn't the companies fault. The cancellation policy is very lenient as it states on the bottom of the agreement contract. Unlike any other contract I've ever signed, I can cancel even the next month as long as it's before the 25th.

With any gym membership, etc. you're in for the deration of a year or more. As for their ethics, well you didn't listen to a good overview, because it states just what those are. I again apologize for your bad experience.

Just take the time to think this through. Did Melaleuca leave you high and dry or did the one who introduce you? Most likely the later. Melaleuca has only helped me physically and financially.

I HIGHLY recommend Melaleuca to others but NEVER leave them high and dry. Sorry :sigh


Both left high and dry, the person who signed up was not available. Dozens of times I contacted the company requesting that the automatic debt be stopped.

They refused unless a detailed form was sent in writing. They said it was the contract. I've never had any company every require such great difficulty to get out of a contract. I explained due to disablity it was not practical to fill out the form, they were to send a form that all I had to do was sign, this after I requested it several times, it never came.

The only way I ever got free from the company was to get help from my bank.

When I read a response like yours, I realized I am reading a response from a Melalecua represenative, or salesperson, that is to say, still a Melalecua represenative. And if you are a Melalecua represenative you cannot be impartial.


Oh but I can be impartial as much as you. You are judging only by your experience which was regretfully a poor one.

On the other hand mine was and still is a good one. I had someone who introduced me to the company and products the right way. Yes, I am a rep for the company because I can't help but tell others how great the products are and the company. If anyone of those people decide to stop purchasing I help them.

This has only happened 3 times in the 13 years I've been a customer. You see, I'm a customer too. If I have a question I call the company and have always found the help. There will always be people who have been misinformed or maybe even mistreated in customer service, but these problems are the human kind.

I just wish you could've been introduced properly.

Your experience would've been so much better. Not saying you'd stay with them, but I would've taken better care of my friend.

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