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I agree with staying away from the MOM team. I was with Melaleuca and what really ticked me off was that you could not tell people what the company was. You had to sites like these because you could NOT use Melaleuca's name in your advertising.

Suffice it to say, it turned a lot of people off because they thought you were being sneaky and deceptive. Plus, I had customers that forgot to place thier orders, got thier autoship, placed and order in between then, then called or emailed me all pissed off because they got all this stuff.

Very frustrating!

I am with a different company now - no deception, no monthly requirements or anything like that. It has been great and I actually have a some business that I don't have to hide!!!

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Shaklee's is one of the companies I recommend as well.


You will find good and bad reports with any company and any one can have a problem with a product. For example I have friends that love Mary Kay but I am allergic to it.

If I searched them on any of these, I would find as many good reports as bad I expect. I have no experience with Shaklee but I know people who use it and like it.

I am perfectly happy with Melaleuca and have been a perfectly satisfied customer for a year or two now. My sister tried it and it didn't work for her and she had no problem canceling.


I never had problems with Shaklee when I was with them. Shaklee never made me buy products in a monthly basis either.

Today, a lady called me about Malaleuca. First, the name gets many misspellings, second it sounds too good to be true, the BBB has over two hundred complaints, this lady does not know how to sell and I had to research on the Internet and found too much drama.


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To Susan, Congratulations, you're happy with Shaklee. I'm happy with Melaleuca.

My cats don't have a problem with the tea tree oil. I don't find the body wash itchy. Many people have allergies or sensitivities to different products, natural or not. That doesn't make Melaleuca's products bad and your good.

There may be many people with sensitivities to Shaklee products, who knows! Many Olympians & world record breakers use our nutritional supplements. And the distributors are passionate about the products and the helping people. Our companies don't seem to be much different except that Shaklee is an MLM and Melaleuca isn't.

Good for you that you're happy where you're at. But don't bash other companies that you know nothing about. As far as your friend goes, the "credit" you're referring to can only be loyalty shopping dollars, meaning, with each order she places a percentage goes into an account to use to get free products. If she cancels her account, of course she's going to lose that.

It's not cash to be handed out.

It's applicable only to orders through the company. If she didn't use it, it's her own fault.


Just Googled Shaklee and found complaints about it as well. The bottom line there are REALLY great home business opps out there, Shaklee AND Melaleuca.

If you come in LOOKING for a problem you will find it because you will convince yourself that the problem exists. If you have a bad experience with one person/team, you can't let determine the position of the ENTIRE company. That's like having a bad encounter with a Target employee, so now you don't shop at any Target. Now we all know that is RiDiCuLoUs!!!

If you find a great opp that "works for you" with a particular company...GREAT. Don't bash the others to gain support for where you are so you can make money. I wish the best to all the Shaklee folks. I am with Melaleuca because they stand by their statment of "Enhancing the Lives of those we touch by HELPING people reach THEIR goals".

I'm sure Shaklee has a great mission stmnt as well. SO go out and achieve success without trying to tear others down to gain business.

It is so NOT cool and makes you seem like a crab in bucket....pulling others down so you can reach the top and ultimately no one really gets anywhere.... Best to all of you!!!


I have heard a lot of complaints about how Melaleuca will send you things even if you don't want them. My friend had a couple of thousand dollars worth of credit and didn't want to keep paying the monthly amount so called to cancel and they said if she refused to continue paying that she would forfeit her credit!

She was so upset that she quit and lost her thousands of dollars of credit! I have at least 4 friends in that situation. Today someone told me that she was using their cleaning products but was allergic to the tea tree oil in them. Another former customer said the tea tree oil is poisonous to cats so no longer uses their products.

Another customer said her son was getting itchy from their bath wash. I am also with Shaklee and can tell you that our company is very ethical, rated to be one of the greenest companies out there, is very honest and the products are awesome. The cleaners were on Oprah's Favorite Things and on the Rachel Ray Show. The nutritional supplements are used by the US Olympics Ski and Snowboarding Teams.

The products are amazing. I feel that the distributors are so passionate about the products and helping people. I love Shaklee!

I'm so glad that shakmom is with us now! :-)


I did share previously - it's Shaklee :)


Wow, once again it sounds like you were not enrolled properly or given a full understanding of Melaleuca. Good luck with your new company. I think we would all love to know what it is.



You can email me at: shak_mom@yahoo.com if you want :)


It is Shaklee. You can take a look here, if you'd like: www.wellnessisez.com


Can you share what the name of the new company is?

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