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Had a consultant, at least I'm guessing that's what she is, approach me over a Facebook group.Asked if I was interested in her natural product store.

I figured it would be an etsy page or a website and I love buying natural products from crafters. Yeah, she tried to get me to install an app on my phone or computer. I had to push to even get the name of this company. I've seen this sort of scheme before and quickly backed out.

Once I did she started pushing harder. Honestly, I have a lot of allergies and I use products made by friends in their own kitchens. And I don't have to pay a monthly membership fee for the right to buy their products. She's still messaging me about what an opportunity I've missed out on.

I don't think so lady.

Glad I knew how to do my research and avoided the snare.Never trust a company with these sorts of tactics.


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