Seattle, Washington

Melalueca is not worth doing business with. In the beginning they make it sound like a no risk offer if you want to become a customer or representative.

But once you change your mind, they still try to get money out of you. I changed my mind, cancelled my account with them through my bank & was issued a new card. Since Melalueca is underhanded, they looked for other ways to get into my account and have caused me to have an overdraft of $297!! I had UPS return their packages to them & they sent email acknowledging the returned packages.

Yet, when asked about the time frame for them to report the return so my account would be restored to normal, they didn't respond.

I sent a SECOND email today & still haven't gotten a response. AVOID Melalueca!

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You're not required to buy the $297 or $197 offers. It's $29 to join as a preferred customer and they pay you to watch a video.

It sounds to me like the person who was enrolling you didn't tell you that.

Melaleuca is a good direct to consumer shopping club. LONG time ago in the 90s they had the MLM business model but they changed that to the ecommerce model some time ago.


Melaleuca is a tremendous company! Most problems that people have are due to irresponsibility.

People are lazy & sign-up for something that they never really look into. I know people that enroll as a preferred customer & then never really even looked at the available products carefully. They never take the time to find out anything about Melaleuca.

Then they try to cancel the wrong way because they're too lazy to read what to do & then get pissed at Melaleuca & blame them. If folks were not so lazy & actually really looked into Melaleuca's products & business history there's no way you'll walk away unimpressed.


I've been around Melaleuca for over 20 years. Never heard of such non sense.


It would help if you spelled the company name correctly. It's MELALEUCA.

No offense "Anonymous in Seattle Wa", but if you were overdrafted because of one order, then you need Melaleuca more than you think!

And I don't think you should change accounts..I think you shoudl change BANKS!! Because if anyone can get into your account after it is "CLOSED", then thats a bank issue.