Nantucket, Massachusetts
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They have my account number and keep charging me a back order fee which I did not authorize. So far to date they have charged me 128.60.

Now I would like some help in re-cooping my money. I tried to talk to the distributor, but she will not call me back. I think she and this company are a scam. Mrs.

Cathy Swan I hope you get to read this complaint and know this if I have more money taken from my account I will have you arrested. My daughter said she has left you messages on you phone and you wont even reply.

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Also, I would just like to add that if you want to say something to Mrs. Cathy Swan, the most effective way would be to pick up your phone and call her...not blog about it...or have your daughter call her; that is pretty ignorant and pathetic.

First, get some common sense. Thanks


This is pretty ridiculous. People need to start being more accountable and take responsibility for the decisions that they make.

It is a lot easier to blame someone else for our ignorance though. It would be nice, if people starting realizing that it is their job to become informed about something before they make a committment.

And if someone could please tell me why politics should even be involved when discussing something like this, thanks. :)


Read the contract you signed. Then you will see what you authorized.

All preferred customers have a back up order on file. I've been a customer for 21 years & have received 1 back up order in all that time.

I know for a fact that Melaleuca is an ethical company beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you have questions that your customer representative can't (or won't) answer, call customer service @ 800-282-3000.


When you originally signed your Customer Membership Agreement, if you signed up as a preferred customer, you have to choose a backup order. So if you signed that document at all, then YOU authorized it.

If you were not told any of this by your representative, then you have a bad rep for the company. We have the best rep in the world, and that is ALWAYS explained, up front.


I worked for Melaleuca for 2 years, from 1999 to 2001. It's a fairly shady company, and they don't even support Ron Paul neither. Obama and Romney can both burn in ***, and I want my $140 back in used kits!

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