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I signed up for the Preferred Customer plan; I watched the videos so I could earn "Loyalty Dollars." After earning said "Loyalty Dollars," I discovered they can only be used after you meet our 35 monthly points (spend the minimum $55.00 plus) BEFORE you can use the loyalty.So, I did that, and then discovered that you can only use loyalty on one item, BUT also must purchase more than one item.

In other words, you learn as you go, basis. I cancelled my membership, which also became a learn as you go procedure. Very tedious process. If you want quality products, support your local businesses.

SHOP LOCALLY!In the long run you are spending just as much, although Melaluca would like you to believe you are getting bargains through them.

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I think what you are saying here is a bunch of CRAP.Loyalty shopping dollars are earned in the four months, and can be used anytime on any product.

After the four months you earn 15% back on your orders so that you can continue to pay nothing for products. Let me see you shop locally and get that kind of a deal. 35 points equals about $60.00 a month. SIXTY BUCKS....most people spend more than that at Dunkin Donuts weekly!!

So I guess you had it really tough.

Don't know why the company would single you out just to give you a hard time.

Personally I find your comment lacking in truth....you're just slinging mud to see where it sticks.Go ahead, shop locally, but you won't get the quality, you won't get the products Mela offers, you won't get the 15% cash back, you won't get the 7% income check(forgot about that one didn't you)......you will be last in line for everything.


Your problem is with the person who enrolled you , who didn't explain the Learn as you Earn program.There are people like you who try to circumvent the program and then blame the program.

Learn as you earn videos are there for you to learn about the product line. If you have enough product points in the bonus shopping dollars, you can buy your whole order from there. I know, I've done it. I earned my 100 of free products....just not my order .

Its after you earn the 100.00 that you begin to get the 15% bonus dollars that when accumulated add up quick and you begin to enjoy the ordering with out paying for the products. And if you buy locally, your local store won't give you the money, won't give you the bonus shopping dollars, they won't refund if you're unhappy unless the package was tampered with. They won't offer you bonus shopping dollars, they won't offer you products that are 6 times the strength (only 2)...making ours more cost effective than theirs (you have to look at the COST PER USE, instead of the COST PER PACKAGE.....and then you won't get the 7% check once a month either.

SO go ahead , shop locally and spend more money and get less.WHO CARES!!

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I agree, learning as you go isn't appropriate for a retail business.If customers matter at all the company needs to be straight up with them, from the start.

All the secretiveness and monthly hooks are a big red flag for me...

no thanks.I can get "green" other places in a much more honest fashion.

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