Trenton, New Jersey

Avoid this company. I enrolled on advice of friend, found products not nearly as beneficial as advertised nor do I use enough to keep paying "minimum order fee".

After a few months I tried to un-enroll, what a disaster. Three months later and they're still billing me. They create an unending system of "go to this website and find the exact page and fill out that form and fax to this number and wait for processing and oh, a line wasn't filled out right....complete scam. The more I lok to complain the more I find hundreds of people on the web with same complaint.

I wish I never heard of them.

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Dont take any advice from an ex-convict.


You are disgusting! You're life must be a never ending *** with that brain of yours.

You didn't need Melaleuca, but you DO need something! Whiner !!


Sketchy -

Melaleuca Marketing Executives are independent contractors, not directly employed by Melaleuca. Therefore they do not provide email accounts to their Marketing Executives.

I believe Francis was trying to assist someone who was having trouble. This is what Melaleuca is about - helping people.




Then what are you doing sporting a gmail address Francis Garced?


I'm a melaleuca marketing executive if anybody need any help sign in or getting out of melaleuca contract contact me any time :) :cry