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I don't know why so many complaints.Any company has a policy of what rules they have to go by.Melaluca has EXCELLENT products and are SAFE.My experience has been wonderful.Until you've tried all products don't down the company!Did you know that the worst chemical to put on your kids hair for lice is RID.The best shampoo for that is the Melaluca shampoo and it's all natural and gets rid of hair lice and costs betwwen $6-$7,and you just need enough to cover your hair and let stay in for about 5 min. and then rinse.

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It is true that you can buy similar products in markets for less, which may even come in larger bottles. The untruth here is that those store bought products are cheaper.

Melaleuca is the world leader in concentrated formulas!

One 32 oz bottle of Mela Power laundry detergent is equal to THREE bottles of 2x concentrated liquid Tide...FOR HALF THE PRICE! If you are going to make claims, please have some product knowledge FIRST!


If you're going to make a statement that their products are not non-toxic and that they are making false claims, maybe you should provide proof, just like Melaleuca does.


:) My wife swore by Tide she has switched and we love all the products the people at the head office are the best , its a great company.............


If I were you i'd do a little research into some of their ingredients. the non-toxic and 'natural' claim is, to be frank, fraudulent.

all of their products can be purchased cheaper and easier locally, and you wont be committed to buying what you don't want, and then their is the cancellation, which makes it nigh on impossible to leave. Melaleuca, like all MLM's is for the ruthless or naive


I agree I love Melaleuca's products and my family has become healthier using the products. All I did was switch stores and shopped for safer products that save us money.

I love that I have not been to Walmart since 2008! All of my friends and relatives that I introduce Melaleuca, love it too! I do not understand why people are out to get a company that has won so many awards for their integrity and ethics.

I am a lifetime shopper and I am not making a lot of money, the money does not mean as much as my family's health. Melaleuca I can trust their products.

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