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Provide as much information as possible, you will not be able to edit your review but yoThese u will be allowed to add on to it if you create an account during the submission process.these mlm businesses hve certain things in common,BACK OFFICE,shopping daisy.......................YOU figure out the rest!zeekler will only take 10,000 dollars of your money ...........................not because they are sure you will succeed..................but because thats the majik number that keeps paul burkes and all his crooked cronies safe from the laws of FRAUD>>>>FRAUD++++EMBEZELMENT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the people that are brainwashed into this scarry mind control game should read the small print!

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Sol-U-Mel has gotten paint off a jaekct and carpet at my house! We also put a little bit in each load of laundry just to freshen everything up, and it takes care of ring-around-the-collar! (now the challenge is that we don't know which t-shirts are my husband's and which are mine, of events that we both have the same shirt he used to be able to say his was the one with ring-around-the-collar, but now none of them have it anymore!)


Really then why don't you list your name? Are you afraid to be like the rep in Canada that is sueing the company?

To be yelled at and forced to give back all the money she "earned" working with the company? Or what about the noted political contributions to politians set on removing the EPA, medicaid, and Social Services from the Americans?

Does this sound like a truely Wellness oriented company? Don't believe me look it up its all public knowledge!!!!


Before telling that Melaleuca is a fraud, you should do your homework, really look into it, get information. The accusation that you make is, in itself, a fraud because you do not know. How can someone really know something when they haven't tried.

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