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OK! I feel tricked!

They signed me up NEVER explaining that I would be repsonsible for $70 a month in products and NEVER explained that I ONLY had till the end of the month instead of a month to make an order like I was led to believe... So I called to cancel my enrollment - never ordering anything! and just got passed from a customer service agent to a different customer service agent after agent... one more rude and unhelpful than the other...

then I asked for a manager who was even ruder and hung up on me!!??...

They are deceitful and a rip off.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I am so very happy that I did not sign up with this company. I contacted someone offering a work at home job via the classified section on our local internet website.

The ad stated that there was no selling, no inventory and no money investment.

The job description stated that what you would actullay be doing was to help people set up their online shopping accounts. All you were required to have was a computer and a phone. Everything would be done online. Simple?

In the very beginning, this all sounded very suspicious. If everything is done online, then people can set up their own shopping accounts on the company website...they do not need my help.

When I did some additional research into this work at home business and from comments that I have read here and on otherboards, I made the decision that I was not going to get involved with this company. There is no way that I am going to give anyone my banking account information, when someone tells me that I have no need to worry if "I" forget to place an order "they" will place it for me and take the money out of my banking account. "NO Way" This "Back Up Order" policy Melaleuca has is a very poor business practice...and I have never heard of any other company doing this.

In addition, I was never told that I would be required to buy any of the products, let alone $70.00 per month or I would lose my preferred customer account.

In conclusion, I am not sure if this company is doing anything illegal or not. But I do know that they have some very bad polices and they are not a company that I would want to do business with.


no not for good reason..its ignorant people!


you have to FAX them the cancellation request


**due diligence**

You should've found out those things on your own before you signed up. There are TONS of anti-Mela sites out there & with good reason!


Melalueca not Melanie....


Melanie's sucks *** and so do their rude *** workers including Mark Kenney!!!!!!!!


It sounds like you didn't have a strong leadership team. First - people are not enrolled for $70.00 a month in products and when you signed an agreement or did 3rd party verification, you did acknowledge that you understood the customer service program.

I can understand you wanting to change your mind, but please, be factual in your rant. When I enroll my customers, they are aware that they are preferred in their first 30 days, then they can change their status to be direct customers if they choose.

This option is one that seasoned leaders will share, but newer marketing executives are unaware of. Again, before you blow a whole company out of the water, realize that there are reputable people who do actually help customers.

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