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I signed up with melaluca in November Thinking that it was going to be a good thing, recently i had certian events had happen. I called my rep.

and told him thta i want to cancell the account. Before they had taken money from my account. When i looked at my acount they har already taken the money. My rep.

never called me back to help out nad he never called melaluca to fix the problem. I called melaluca my self, they told me the package was already on the way, i told them to stop shipment. The company told me to go to www.melaluca.com/your options and i did web site can not be found. They are supoosed to put the monies back on my account iam waiting to see if they will.

Today i called my rep and he has never returned the call back.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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What is in activate that it can't be given to kids?


I have used these products on and off again for over ten years. They are pricey...

that's my only complaint. I have never had a customer service problem that wasn't resolved quickly and professionally.

I am sorry that so many of you seem to have had problems you are missing out on some wonderful products


I use the products every day, they are wonderful. I have been with the company for over a year now and always find customer service very kind and helpful.


like someone said at the top it was the person directly not the company...My family and I are blessed with this company cause not only we decided to be prefered costumers a year ago, we decided to make a business with melaleuca and every month believe it or not we recieve a generous check :)...so blessed !! .We love melaleuca !! :grin


I love the Melaleuca products and I think it saves me time and money. Any time you buy something on line there is shipping costs associated with it, I find these charges to be very reasonable and I am happy with the products and service.

It is up there with Nordstrom Service. If you like shopping at low budget stores this is not a place for you.

The value and quality of the products blows away the low cost leaders. I would never use anything else.


:grin I love melaleuca products as well. I have 3 boys: you can only imagine the laundry.

My favorite products are the laundry detergent, solumel (awesome!!!!!), melagel, the tea tree oil (very high grade) and the toothpaste. I do not sell the products, I only use them in my home. So just to say I am not getting anything from this. I had to cancell years ago, I did not have a problem.

I have since rejoined because I love the products. My boys ask for melagel or the oil when they have a boo boo. Even my 12 year old. I am so sorry to hear when people have a negative experience with such a great company.

The Only thing that bothers me is the shipping cost. I think they are a bit high.......


This seems to be an issue with your rep, who is an indivdual and not the actual company.

From my personal experience and of others close to me, This company is AMAZING! I've been a customer for almost 4 years. The customer service is wonderful! They provide a world class website with all the training material needed.

I'm sorry you encountered someone who was not helpful to you.

Calling the company directly is the best option for any needs. They are so friendly :o)


Hello Julie,

The reason the site to cancel did not come up is you probably spelled Melaleuca wrong. I am a marketing executive with the company and I had some enrollees that wanted to stop their perferred customer status and I went to the site downloaded the opt out sheet and had thme complete the forms and faxed them to corporate.

I followed up the next day and as promised the staus was cancelled. Go back to the site with the name spelled correctely and follow the instructions and your will be able to cancel.

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