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it is next to impossible to cancel your membership...and they will continue to send you product and bill you!! even after several attempts to cancel your membership.

I have tried to call and cancel and they say that they have the paperwork and ...just like magic I get the automatic order and payment..they are real nice on the phone but they don't follow through with your complaints or request to cancel your membership...

I think they are just trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of you before they will cancel the membership. Does anyone know how many requests it takes to cancel the *** membership?

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I had to add one more comment....all the reviews I've read about Melaleuca charging your cards each month after cancellation....just a suggestion which I may be following myself if my package never arrives or have issues each month with shipping...Why not cancel your card and be issued a new one that way no more charges....just a suggestion....:)


Hello....recently signed up with Melaleuca so far love the products...Not to thrilled with the person who signed me up with mis-information...only $1 to join...$29.99 was my charge and a few other question is has anyone had a issues with their packages not being shipped but charged to your credit card....does it take 10 days to ship a package? any comments welcomed!! Thanks for reading...:)


i think the cancellation process is outrageous. i do most of my shopping online and have never had to jump through hoops to cancel with any company prior to this one.

they vow to keep sending you products until you meet there silly standards. i vow to send them back as refused - return to sender. i think i will also cancel my credit card that they have on file. products are ok but pricey and i hate the smell of the cleaning products.

i am going back to using vinegar to clean. far less expensive and i do not have to make a certain number of points each month or pay shipping and handling.


Awesome Blog. I add this Blog to my bookmarks.


With 500,000 satisfied cusomers, your are bound to find a few discontented ones who like to complain rather than follow the company procedure. Of the 150 customers I have personal involvement with, 90% reorder monthly, and the others have cancelled without any issues.

Cancellation is almost instantaneous after submission of the paperwork. Listen to people you personally know about this company, not some stranger online who

may not be even telling the truth.


melaluca are terrible i was trying to cancel my account by fax and post for months unreal kept saying hadnt received it! Now after agreeing and i have a copy of email to proof of what they said that they would give me refund of over 200 euro for goods not received and since i had be trying to cancel amy account for months.

Now they say i only get a credit and after sending them a copy of what they agree. since the 21st march i haven't got an answer and been fobbed off.

totally unprofessional service. irt may be a matter that i need to look into furthur


Just would like to say love the products. Some say they do not use enough to get the points for the month, however it is easier then you think.

Like someone said if you do not like it they will give you a refund by sending back an empty bottle. Go ahead and try to do that at Walmar.

If anyone would like more info please send me a line.


Melaleuca is an INC 500 company and has been recognized as a reputable company by the BBB SEVERAL times. I truly do not understand how any of the complaints here are warranted.

Every customer either watches a webcast or listens to a phone overview PRIOR to enrolling. This clearly points out the monthly order requirement AND the 100% money back guarantee. If you try melaleuca and don't like it, you get your money back even if the bottle is empty. I have returned products I have used (ex: lip gloss, eye shadow I didn't like the color of) and had NO problems.

I don't know of any other store that will honor their customer satisfaction guarantee so well. Also, you have up to 90 days on some products to determine if you like them. With that in mind, the return process is much more consumer friendly than even your local stores such as wal-mart, etc. As far as cancelling your order, I don't understand why it is so difficult to write a letter and mail it.

I do most of my banking online, but there are still smaller bills such as doctors, or personal property tax which aren't monthly that I mail in. It simply isn't that difficult.


It's amazing what people find to complain about when they aren't paying attention to the important aspects of their membership. I have had two people sign up with me and they cancelled with no problems but they followed the right protocol.

Going on a rampage is not the way to fix your problems. If they are still taking money out, contact the bank and tell them to put a stop on it, or just follow the person above's advice because that's how my friends cancelled.


I am another person recommending to avoid this company. I enrolled on advice of friend, found products not nearly as beneficial as advertised nor do I use enough to keep paying "minimum order fee".

After a few months I tried to un-enroll, what a disaster. Three months later and they're still billing me. They create an unending system of "go to this website and find the exact page and fill out that form and fax to this number and wait for processing and oh, a line wasn't filled out right....complete scam. Funny, it sure was simple to enroll!

The more I look to complain the more I find hundreds of people on the web with same complaint, so there's clearly merit in the complaint. I wish I never heard of them.


It is clearly stated on the contract that you have to send in a written cancellation notice. I find that most people dissatisfied with their membership can't be bothered with typing up a few words and mailing a letter. This is how Melaleuca is able to retain a 90% customer reorder rate, and also why their one of the few companies who truly offer a residual income! Instead of taking the well documented steps to cancel, some people rather get online and complain why they continue to get "ripped offed". Those are the very people who shouldn't have signed up in the first place! Life is too short. I'll make it easy for you. If you want to cancel:

Copy and paste the following and mail it to the address below by the 25th. Make sure it includes, your original signed signature, printed name, address, and Customer Number. Get it certified so you have documentation.

Melaleuca, Inc

3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Dear Melaleuca,

I am providing written documentation of my intent to cancel my preferred membership with Melaleuca. I understand that if you receive this written request to cancel on or before the 25th of the month, this notice will be effective the month received. If you receive this written request to cancel, after the 25th of the month, I understand this notice will be effective the following month.


Printed Name____________________

Signed Signature_________________

Customer Number _________________

Full Address ____________________


The directions are to print out the cancellation request and fax to the company. I have had 3 friends do this recently and they said it was easy and smooth. Not sure why you are finding it difficult!