Rochester, New York

I signed up for a Melaleuka membership in June of 2011. After six months of trying many of their products I knew nothing was really better for the prices they charge PLUS shipping.

I was signed up over the phone and called customer service to cancel the membership by phone also. They tried to make me jump through hoops to cancel. I told the girl on the phone that it's no wonder they have a 95% customer retention rate...they hold you hostage making it nearly impossible to cancel your membership!

You are not even allowed to change your own information when you sign into your account.

I tried! My only resort was to call my bank and cancel my debit card so Melaleuka can no longer send me products I don't want!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I don’t understand how anyone can want to buy, let alone get involved, from a bunch of vampires. When you sign up as a preferred member, you must agree to buy a minimum purchase every month or they hit your credit card automatically with a product of their choice.

In my case, it was a case of vitamins for $65.64! I didn’t not order this, nor did I want it. That bit of fine print wasn’t explained to me when I joined up. I told them I no longer wanted to be a member, they told me I have to quit in writing.

Then I told them that I didn’t want the package, then they told me to send it back. When the package came, I denied it so it wasn’t opened. I received an email confirmation that they had received the package back, and that I can expect to receive a refund within 10 business days. That time came and went, with no refund.

So I called then, and they said I have to ask for a refund in writing. Seriously?!?!? The representative then said he can only issue a refund minus $18.00 shipping and handling charge. So yes, they want me to pay for a shipment charge for a product I didn’t want.

Now they and anyone else here, can say “tough, shoulda read the fine print” as much as you like. The fundamental problem I have with this…they hide behind the veil of “tsk, tsk, should have read the contract” knowing full well that most people don’t read it.

Real slick Melaleuca! Do yourselves a favor, change your underhanded business practices and fast.


First of All, the backup order plan from Melaleuca works, if and only if you fail to order your 35 product point commitment does it come into play, this is explained during the presentation and should have been explained by the person who invited you as I do. It is better than Auto Ship Programs with other company out there, wherein the same products each and every month is shipped because all they have to offer is a limited number of products.

With Melaleuca, There are more than 350 consumable products to choose from. So, Auto Ship Program don’t work. As far as the 35 points commitment to get products at wholesale is nothing, just switch stores do your shopping at Melaleuca. I have NOT ordered lesser than 64 points each and every month that I have been with them.

Second, like Amazon, Ebay or any other sites that do business except for companies that issues RMA (electronics), shipping and handling are services rendered or when you return products, you pay. The question is, when you have used up your vitamins for 90 days and decide that they don’t work or didn’t FEEL any improvement or energy, can you return them? With Melaleuca, YES, up to 90 days warranty, no questions asked. Third, I paid $29.- to join Melaleuca for the promise of non-chemical base products and it did make my family healthier with Natural based products, in fact my grandson who had asthma for 6yrs.

was healed just by using their detergent, as per me, for the past 4 yrs, my oncologist or cancer doctor has blood test after blood test done on me because I might have Leukemia or cancer of the blood. And after taking their Vitamins for 4 months, I cried when they told me my white cell count went down to normal to everybody's amazement. Tell me, What price do you put on your HEALTH? Added to that, the revenue sharing program has helped me, I made over 20K last year, just for telling people about products that are GREAT and this all happened for a $29 investment, call me crazy, if you calculate even if you spend $70 or 35 points for a year that's only $840 for a year for products that my family uses yearly, CHEAP, and this is not even part of “cost of doing business”, we came out way ahead.

And even if, I didn’t make money, just with the deduction I had on my schedule C, because I did signed up also to become an Independent Marketing Executive with them and it was worth it. Listen really hard for those don't have any deductions. Value of products was my main concern; addition income was a pleasant surprise". I'm sorry, I have not made my first Million Dollar yet on Melaleuca but I'm already a big big Winner when it comes to good health for my family and myself, that is KING to me!

I welcome any questions about Melaleuca, their products or even the research I have done, which are now a part of me and my family now as a Blessing'. Call me at 408-771-0296..

God Bless! .


I've signed up A LOT of people, and while it's true that the people there are encouraged to try to keep you as a loyal customer, by reciting the benefits of keeping your preferred membership, all you need to do is simply say "No Thank You, I'd like to cancel" to anything they say and THAT'S IT. I've also had people switch their membership from a "Preferred" (where you have to order a small amount per month in order to keep your discount) to "Standard" where you simply pay full price WHENEVER you want to order, so I'm sorry but I've been with Melaleuca for a decade and what you're saying simply isn't true. ***, there's PLENTY of people going on Amazon RIGHT NOW and paying DOUBLE the list price for just the Renew Lotion ALONE, so obviously the prices they charge ARE worth the products you're getting.

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