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I tried to cancel my account after using their vitamins for over 2 years. After not finding a way on their site I called customer service. I was told they needed me to mail in my signature to cancel the account. I asked what would happen if I stopped ordering every month. They told me they would continue to charge me and send me products automatically.

I asked for a supervisor, because I don't need to jump through hoops to cancel an account.

The supervisor told me the same thing, stating it was in the agreement I signed.

It is in fact at the very end of their 5 page agreement, after two sections of fine print.

I finally gave up with customer service and completed the written document with signature. When trying to locate my account number as required for cancellation, it was nowhere to be found on their site. So I again had to call customer service.

Even though they were more than happy to accept my electronic signature to sign up, they want to delay my cancellation by making t hard to cancel, and making me mail them a hand written document. The is a deceitful practice and people should think twice before signing up for their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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It's pretty funny how many people complain about canceling. It's easy. You signed or entered into a verbal agreement with Melaleuca and to cancel that agreement is the same thing. Hello!

Okay so to cancel your account is go to this website:

Once there, you'll enter your username and password. If you don't have those, then you can click the link under that, that says "If you don't have an online account, click here." You'll need your membership ID if you do it that way, which if you call 1-800-282-3000, any Melaleuca associate can help supply that for you.

After you're in, you'll be told how many Loyalty Shopping Dollars you have, if any. There will be two more yes or no questions like that, but if you want to cancel, then just keep clicking "Proceed to cancellation form."

After that, you'll download the form, print it off and then either fax or email it in (both addresses are on the form).

Make sure you get your cancellation form in by the 25th of the month or else you ARE responsible for an order for that month.

Voila! You should be cancelled within the next 24-48 hours (by fax, there's no certainty when you mail it). Fax is way more reliable, just FYI. Also, if you do not receive an email within the next 24-48 hours, call the company to see if they received your form. Sometimes people accidentally send them in, but they fax the wrong side of the paper to them. Melaleuca will not call you if you do this. If they receive a blank piece of paper, it is on YOU. They do not have time to call every person that this happens to because it happens an awful lot.

As a side note, if it's the cost you don't like, you can always have what's called an Authorized User on your account, which is pretty much just like sharing your account with someone. Call 1-800-282-3000 for more information on that, I think this post is already a book, haha!

Hope this helped!


I have tried to fax my cancellation to Melaleuca several times and each time I have received a wrong fax number. I am beginning to wonder if it's part of a scam?

Does anyone know the fax number that I can send my cancelation papers to? I will call customer service again but its starting to get a little suspicious.



I don't expect my new customers will want to cancel. However as a conscientious marketing executive with Melaleuca, before they sign, I always take time to show every new customer the section of the contract that shows how to cancel their account. I even read it to them aloud. It's about having good business practices and telling the truth.

Most Melaleuca cancellation complaints come down to people who are not informed about decisions they have made. The cancellation information is in normal sized print right beside the signature line. The contract you signed read something very similar to this:

"I may cancel this Agreement for any reason at any time by giving written notice to Melaleuca bearing my original signature, printed name, address and Customer number. Written cancellations received by Melaleuca on or before the 25th of the month will be effective the month received, written cancellations received by Melaleuca after the 25th of the month will be effective the following month. Cancellation notices must be mailed to: Melaleuca, Inc., 3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy, Idaho Falls 83402-6003."

Fax or Mail this document to get the service you agreed to when you signed the contract. Simple. Legal. Correct. There is nothing wrong or unethical about having cancellation policies and processes to govern how they work. If you cancel within the first 120 days of your contract, they even give you your $29 membership fee back.

I take the time to explain this carefully to all my customers. Perhaps your enroller did not, but you signed it. Again, the company did nothing wrong, illegal, or unethical.


i also need help wit the same problem.. i dnt know how to cancel


I swear y'all some dumb bastards I don't give a *** wut y'all think bout the *** company I want the *** address


In the 6 years I have been a customer of Melaleuca, as a customer and not building a business, I have seen many people's lives changed immeasurably for the better by the products and services of this great company. The only people who EVER have a problem with anything Melaleuca related are the ones that cause their own problems.

They do not go by the rules that are in place to make things fair for everyone. Like any responsible company, Melaleuca would NEVER put sensitive personal information on their website or allow someone to call in a cancellation of an account. Why? Because they have an agreement with each of their valued customers and cancellations could be called in by anyone.

How would you like to have your account closed by someone else if you were receiving a significant income every month? Would that be OK with you? By the way, while I was doing almost absolutely nothing, this company paid me over $12,000. If you want to know the truth about Melaleuca,go to and see what people like The Better Business Bureau, Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.

500 magazine, and many other respected prestigious organizations have to say about the integrity of this great company. If you take the word of someone who puts more effort into trying to disrespect something than they would to try to do the right thing in the first place, you will never know the real truth about something that will change your whole life if you need anything such as time freedom with a great income.

Or how about helping people to see their health improve; or doing your part to stop the destruction of our planet by the poisons that are being put into the environment by companies that don't care about you or me or our children?. Then go to and see if this sounds right to you.


what is the fax number to cancel?


Reading is fundamental. There are rules to everything.

I can call my friends whenever I want to but for them to call me they have to do it before a certain time or just send a text.

Now i am saying that to be funny but like someone else said you have to read what you are getting into and then you have to actually follow through. I signed up for a $1 and love that they are "green" products.


:( Yes you can make many things. Why Melaleuca need you to take extra steps to cancel the account?

Becouse Melaleuca is not a fair company. It they were as good as they say, you should be able to unsuscribre from Melaleuca web site.

Melaleuca is a bad company. :(






Also, to comment on Bujin 1, your right. There are always to sides to each story.

I am a customer and also a rep. I am very successful in what I do, before starting this business opportunity I found alot of MLM and pyramid scemes. To start with us its only 29.00 that is refundable most companies will not give you your money back. You can succeed with Melaleuca if you put in the time and effort and you have to also be consitent.

This is a different type of business. Your in business to help people not take anyone for their money or mislead anyone. If you ever needed to cancel you do have to put in writing, you can fax or mail it in. What is wrong with that?

I'm glad that you have realized that you cant go by what other people say, you will have to try it for yourself! Good Luck!


You could have also faxed in your cancelation request and you would have been cancelled that day.


Interesting comments from so many different people about Melaleuca. I am considering a membership and potentially a business.

Doing some research and reading the reviews. The one consistent is there are 2 sides to every situation. There are as many good comments as there are bad, I would really like to know the truth, guess I have to try it and see for myself.

As a side note, I spent 18 months in Quixstar and was not successful at all, probably because I didn't take the time to work at it and it didn't sell as easily as the company claimed it would. I suppose we are all looking for that return on our investment and the disgruntled ones come from those not will to invest much and yet expect great returns.


Thanks for letting me and many others know about this company. I will stay away for sure.

This is one of the first sites that shows up when one does a search of Melaleuca, so there must be boatloads of people with issues. Not cool.


this person is either a liar or just plain ***. the cancellation process is clearly laid out by the company and if you are too lazy to sign your name on a piece of paper and get it in by the 25th of the month you never had chance of succeeding in the first place :cry :cry


I cancelled my account with them in January by faxing them a letter before the 25th. No problems.

Great products, I still buy them thru them but I pay retail.

Yhey are worth it though. No more asthma attacks :)


I forgot to say that the note must also be signed by the cancelling customer.


To cancel an account with Melaleuca, all that is required is a note to that effect with your name and telephone number that is on file with the company OR your customer ID which is on every invoice. The note can be faxed to the company and must be received by the 25th of any month in order to keep your back up order from being shipped.. This info is found in a box in the lower right hand corner of the customer agreement form.


I disagree with your statement. Not just 'anyone' could call and cancel my account, because melaleuca requires my name, address, phone, and date of birth before they would tell me my account number! Your argument is flawed, and bottom line, Melaleuca Inc makes it hard to cancel your account strictly in order to delay or prevent a user from cancelling, thus making the company more money.


I can understand your frustration in canceling your account. The point being is that Melaleuca does cancel accounts at the request of the customer.

Anyone could say they are you and call and cancel your account and then there would be frustration on your part because your account was cancelled. The matter of your account number - it is on every invoice that you received and since you were a customer of two years, you would have had at least one of those lying around.

Melaleuca's credentials are good ones since they have an A rating with the BBB. Bottom line is this, in any contract you need to dot the i's and cross to t's to make it a contract or to get out of one, Melaleuca is protecting you and them by requiring a signature.

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