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I tried to cancel my account after using their vitamins for over 2 years. After not finding a way on their site I called customer service. I was told they needed me to mail in my signature to cancel the account. I asked what would happen if I stopped ordering every month. They told me they would continue to charge me and send me products automatically.

I asked for a supervisor, because I don't need to jump through hoops to cancel an account.

The supervisor told me the same thing, stating it was in the agreement I signed.

It is in fact at the very end of their 5 page agreement, after two sections of fine print.

I finally gave up with customer service and completed the written document with signature. When trying to locate my account number as required for cancellation, it was nowhere to be found on their site. So I again had to call customer service.

Even though they were more than happy to accept my electronic signature to sign up, they want to delay my cancellation by making t hard to cancel, and making me mail them a hand written document. The is a deceitful practice and people should think twice before signing up for their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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So sorry some of you have this trouble, but it is really easy, I usually FAX it in, I tell me customers if they do decide to cancel to be sure to FAX it in by the 25th even if it is 11:59pm, and I will FAX it for them if need be, melaleuca is an awesome company where I have shopped for four years, they only want us as customers as long as we want to shop from them, there truly is no risk! And nowhere else can compete with the safety or quality :)


I just can't afford it. Tough times right now, but refuse to give up, I WILL get threw it.

Guarenteed! Thats how I roll.



How to cancel your Melaleuca account:

8 easy steps

go to:

sign in

read to bottom

click brig green button says "NO"

give a reason

click "submit"

on next page click Please proceed to suspend prefered benifits form

click big green button that says "Download Form"

Fill out form with member ID customer service can give you this number if you dont know it

sign it at bottom

Fax or mail form to # or address given at bottome of the page before the 25th of any given month and your account will be cancelled.


i wasn't said by the speaker that there is automatic back up orders..Due to monthly commitment and i can't use all the product in one month.. I wanted to cancel my membership so i print out the form in

i mailed this October..still waiting for the result before it comes to Oct. 25 - the deadline before they will automatically send me products again..I regret signing up because i was just referred by a relative..


I do not believe anyone who says that they are "WAY" helpful and blah blah blah. My husband and I are currently having the exact same issue.

The customer service reps have deplorable tempers, and we have even caught one in a bold face lie. Just yesterday we were talking to a rude Melaleuca customer service rep who put us on hold to speak to her supervisor and then got back on the phone with us to bs us some more. My husband only took 1 minute of her *** before he said that he wanted to talk to her supervisor, and her reply was that there were no supervisors in today!?!?!?!?! Did she not just tell us she was speaking to her supervisor????

It just goes to show that this company is a load of ***. Also who the *** says their company sells "ALL NATURAL" and "SAFE" products, when in big letters on the toothpaste it says FLUORIDE!!!!! I suggest people stay far away from Melaleuca. Also we returned the items and they NEVER returned our money!

They said our money was returned, but it was returned into the Melaleuca account!!! Not into our bank account. Even though they specifically tolsd us it would be returned to our bank account once we return the items. Also they took 61 dollars and change almost 70 out and only credited us 50 dollars!!!!!

They just sent us another package, and they are harassing us about paying for it because they were not able to take money out of our account. We cancelled the card, because we couldn't cancel the Melaleuca account. The reason we couldn't cancel the account is because the "YOUR OPTIONS" thing is a fake. When I can get to that (on occasion it is available) I try to download the cancellation form, and it gives me an error message and I can not download it.

So it is nothing more than a load of ***. The whole company is. The lady who signed us up never said that I would be charged 70 a month if I did not buy product. I can't always afford to buy from them because they are extremely expensive.

I paid 70 for toothpaste (with fluoride) vitamins a tiny bottle of shampoo 1 bar of soap and a small tube of pain cream.

I could buy that at my local store for 90% less!!! And get the same quality.


where can i find the cancel form??????????????

this is driving me crazy


where can i find the cancel worksheet paper on your option ***


i agree i have tried for moths to cancel i keep getting the run around, but they still get my money and which i have to pay for return shipping. what a joke beware scamming company


I'd be upset with ANY company that would just accept a phone call and cancel an account and thus business.... Think about this.....

WHAT IF someone was mad at us (we've done very well with Melaleuca financially), so they called and said they were me and wanted to cancel. OR maybe an ex-husband or ex-wife has someone call to cancel an account that isn't theirs!! Melaleuca's requiring a signature to cancel protects my account! I'd not have it any other way......

WHY would you have a lifetime supply of goldbars?

You just get autoship and not shop for what you need in your home? I will never use toxic cleaners like Formula 409 which actually says is carginogenic (means causes cancer) on the MSDS....

so I go to my free website and buy what I need in my home.. and it varies from month to month......


When I entered my contract with Melaleuca, I read my contract agreement before I signed it. I also kept my account number close, in case it was needed.

It is easy to rant & rave on your own laziness. Personnal accountability is all it takes.

Although I did not try the vitamins, I love many of ther products & opt out due to hard economic times. Did not have any problems what so ever & was invited back at another date if I chose do do so.

If you cannot be accountable for your own actions, don't create a negative in your own wrong doing!!

You entered an account with them & failed to take responsibility.




quiero cancelar mi cuenta porque no tengo dinero tuve un problema.


Melaleuca is a nightmare. The agent who signed me up was not helpful in helping me cancel my orders. The orders kept coming and I was left with unwanted and unused products.


FINALLY, I WENT TO MY BANK AND CLOSED MY CREDIT CARD AND ACCOUNT. I had to miss half day of work for this and I will have all the inconveniences of rerouting my bills to my new account number.


i want to cancell my account


We,. that is my wife and I wish to cancil our contract with you.

We have used your product for quite a number of years and found them to be very good, we live in an apartmet block so we are not always home to recieve a parcil when it comes.

We are getting on in age so it is not easy for us to retrieve it. so pleas cancil our contract.


me mude de lugar y no puedo seguir comprando los productos ademas no tienen la calidad ni la fragancia que me gusta


Manden un fax, no sean tontos


I agree with this because i even tried canceling my account and they told me to go to some website called it doesnt work. it just brings you to your account options (like changing your credit card number.) it made me so mad because i looked everywhere for the otion to delete my account and it wouldnt let me and yet it wasnt there.


I was recruited by Melaleuca when I signed up for a "work from home" job offer thru our church. Imagine my disappointment when it turns out my big interview for a new job was with Melaleuca! I was sucked into this years ago, and even then I was being told by their 'rep' that I had to buy $150 products a month on auto ship, and that she 'just needed my checking account number'. No thanks! The only product they had that I truely liked was the Gold Bar soap, and this rep told me it was $7/bar in 1995. A bold faced liar, and a pushy one at that.

So now years later I am out of work, and on the phone getting the hard sell from a rep, who puts me on the phone with another poor person looking for work, just so we can hear their recorded sales pitch (I think it even had applause, like it was taped before an audience), telling me how these products will "change my life!" and how people will be happy to buy them from me, and I will make $$$. If only that were true. Fact is you buy over priced laundry products that require special dispensers, but come without them, you have to PAY for them, but no one tells you this when you buy. Nope, you have to wait til the supposedly 6x concentrated stuff gets here to find you cannot dispense or measure these minute quantities of viscous liquid, and then go back and pay for the required dispenser. And you don't dare get it right away, you need to use the points to meet the next months points purchased quota, so you will have to buy other detergent elsewhere if you wish to continue doing your families laundry for the month. And you pay big $$ to have these water laden products shipped to you. They have this toothpaste that my husband says "tastes like paint remover" that I cannot give away.

So you want to sell Melaleuca? Be prepared and forewarned that you must buy you own catalogs to share with potential customers; something else no one told me @ sign up, either. I spent $60 on cataogs and sample products, and the only customer I ever had was my Mother.

When they recruited me, and had me sign up fast and easy online, they PROMISED me I could resign just as easily online, another lie. If Melaleuca was such a great company, with such great products, why make it so unfair and imbalanced to get in vs get out?

When I need laundry detergent and fabric softner, I will get it at the store when I get my groceries, and not have to pay postage on HEAVY packages, or have to go back to the Melaleuca site buy a dispenser and then wait another month for it. My clothes never really seemed clean when using it, they smelled the same coming out of the dryer as they did when they went in to the washer. And they were positively not soft.

The only product they had besides the Gold Bar that interested people were the Nicole Miller cosmetics. But don't you know they took her name off the products right after I bought 20 product reps catalogs at at least $1 each featuring the Nicole Miller line, and renamed it Sei Bella. Who knows what Sei Bella is? And who can sell something without a picture or description of the product? Why not give reps a few catalogs for free? Again, from now on I will buy cosmetics that I can see in the real world, not on a website, or in a catalog, as the colors were never the same as advertised.

I will finally find a way to get OUT of Melaleuca before the 25th of this month, so I don't get another auto shipped box of products I will never use. I have a life time supply of Gold Bars if anyone wants to buy some! :?


It's funny that people complain about how they need to cancel their account when it's the SAME to cancel as it is to join. You signed or entered into an agreement with Melaleuca legally and to cancel that, they have to have something that overrides the agreement. It's that simple to understand.

Okay, so what you need to do to cancel your account is go to this website:

Once there, you'll enter your username and password. If you don't have those, then you can click the link under that, that says "If you don't have an online account, click here." You'll need your membership ID if you do it that way, which if you call 1-800-282-3000, any Melaleuca associate can help supply that for you.

After you're in, you'll be told how many Loyalty Shopping Dollars you have, if any. There will be two more yes or no questions like that, but if you want to cancel, then just keep clicking "Proceed to cancellation form."

After that, you'll download the form, print it off and then either fax or email it in (both addresses are on the form).

Make sure you get your cancellation form in by the 25th of the month or else you ARE responsible for an order for that month.

Voila! You should be cancelled within the next 24-48 hours (by fax, there's no certainty when you mail it). Fax is way more reliable, just FYI. Also, if you do not receive an email within the next 24-48 hours, call the company to see if they received your form. Sometimes people accidentally send them in, but they fax the wrong side of the paper to them. Melaleuca will not call you if you do this. If they receive a blank piece of paper, it is on YOU. They do not have time to call every person that this happens to because it happens an awful lot.

As a side note, if it's the cost you don't like, you can always have what's called an Authorized User on your account, which is pretty much just like sharing your account with someone. Call 1-800-282-3000 for more information on that, I think this post is already a book, haha!

Hope this helped!

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