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I tried to cancel my account after using their vitamins for over 2 years. After not finding a way on their site I called customer service. I was told they needed me to mail in my signature to cancel the account. I asked what would happen if I stopped ordering every month. They told me they would continue to charge me and send me products automatically.

I asked for a supervisor, because I don't need to jump through hoops to cancel an account.

The supervisor told me the same thing, stating it was in the agreement I signed.

It is in fact at the very end of their 5 page agreement, after two sections of fine print.

I finally gave up with customer service and completed the written document with signature. When trying to locate my account number as required for cancellation, it was nowhere to be found on their site. So I again had to call customer service.

Even though they were more than happy to accept my electronic signature to sign up, they want to delay my cancellation by making t hard to cancel, and making me mail them a hand written document. The is a deceitful practice and people should think twice before signing up for their products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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I just started the process of cancelling my brand-new "Premium" membership. They required me to buy a certain minimum every month which is WAY more than I can use in a month, and on top of that, half of the things I want don't qualify for points/credit towards a monthly purchase.

This is bad news no matter how good their products are. Let's hope they accept my emailed cancellation (which the form says they accept) but I'm thinking of faxing in my cancellation too just to be safe.


Update: I filled out the cancellation form, scanned it, emailed it, and also faxed it in a full 10 days before my monthly order would have been due. A couple hours later I received a nice cancellation confirmation email, and I've pasted it below.

I'm pleased that I didn't have to fight to get this done. I do not have a beef with their products, just the "preferred customer standing order" hook which is WAY in the company's and their distributor's favor. Plus, I found out after joining, that their catalog offered ZERO monthly point credits for half of the things I wanted to buy from them. I left comments for them to that effect in their "why are you leaving" box when I filled out the cancellation form.

Then I used Google and found other companies online which sell similar products to what I wanted from Melaleuca, and at *substantially* lower prices, and in larger sizes, and of similar or identical quality. Buyer beware. I hope this helps someone else.


Your Preferred Customer Benefits have been cancelled

Dear [first name],

We will miss you as part of the Melaleuca family. Your request has been processed and your Preferred Customer account is cancelled as of 2/15/2016.

We wish you an awesome, successful, and healthy life and we hope to see you back someday! If you decide to reactivate your Preferred Customer Benefits within the next 6 months, we will waive the membership fee! In the meantime, you will no longer receive a 30%–40% discount on Melaleuca products, but you are welcome to shop anytime at regular prices. Simply call 1-800-282-3000 or visit

Remember, Melaleuca is constantly bringing new discoveries and new science to our Customers for better health and safer homes. Returning to Melaleuca as a Preferred Customer is easy.

Simply talk to your original enroller, visit, or call us at 1-800-282-3000. Thank you, Ben Sweetwood Director of Melaleuca Customer Care Melaleuca


If you need me to mail you a stamp and a pen I can do that. Just follow the instructions.

All the time you're wasting on this site you could've already had this taken care of. Positive thinking...


What's so hard about that.


My wife tried cancelling our account over the course of 5 days, because we were unsatisfied with the products they sell. The CS reps give you the run around, and it doesn't seem that anyone really cares that you want to stop ordering and paying for stuff you dont want anymore. We finally just canceled the card they have on file, Returned their package, and now they are harassing us and calling us stating that we will be receiving a bill for $62 for reimbursement for something.

This company is ***. Everything you are reading on here that is negative is no joke. I find it hard to believe that the people with positive comments have ever even dealt with the company for anything like cancelling their account.

I honestly cant believe this company is in business with the stunt they have pulled on so many consumers.

Do yourself a favor and go to a local Healthy food grocer near your house, or find somewhere online that doesn't require a contract...


NEVER NEVER SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY! I'm not satisfied with their products at all.

You have to commit to order at least $50 + taxes + shipping you will spend at least $ 70 dollars for items you don't need. If you don't order they will send you back up order which you have to pay. Don't waste your money.BE SMART! They charge more with their products.

Remember the person will get percentage out of your order.That means you're paying the person who recruit that's why they praise their products so they can earn

money from you. Don't be fooled. They say you can save on their products? No you can't are wasting your money.If you are a wise buyer their product is way too expensive.

Plus you pay shipping & handling. NEVER SIGN UP. You will regret it!

You will have a hard time canceling your account. Waste of money waste of time!


@Dude101...Thanks so much for the great laugh I had in reading your post. You have the nerve to write like you how's nursery school going for ya, Dude??

You've been involved with Melaleuca for 2 months, you say. Let us know how you are doing in 4've sold to all your family and friends, now try the real world.

Thanks for the laugh!! :grin


Basics before you sign-up "Read"!!, unless your hands are faster than your brain.. usual with people will low EQ = usual people who don't do good in everything.

Melaleuca's products was not created by some dummy Scientist, Doctors, Nutritionist, etc.. all their products have the science to back it up. if you eat or like something because it taste good (make cake out of *** and it taste'll eat it huh?), regardless if its good for your health or not.. then they are usually the people who either uneducated or just plain dumb who doesnt read and never feed their brain with knowledge.

you're after the taste? then again your taste buds is uneducated" - if you understand what I mean..

I've been in Melaleuca for 2 months and very satisfied with their products..

yes 35 points is not so hard to meet.. I'm buying for my health and supporting our economy as well..


Melaleuca is not a scam-nor do they steal your money or send you products just because.

There are a few general COMMOM SENSE rules when signing an agreement.

1)Did you know or trust the person that introduced you to Melelauca?

2)Were you super excited when you saw the income potential BUT thought it was a walk in the park?

3)Did you read or ask the Marketing Exec where the cancellation info was for future reference?

4)You didn't sign up on the phone/You won't cancel on the phone.

5) Did you understand that you must physically place an order every month?

So now that that's out of the way....

The back up order is sent to protect ALL your membership benefits and there's alot of them.

There are over 350 products to choose from how could you possibly 'be overstocked' on products. Means you are not a good shopper and stuck buying at Walmart, GNC, etc - you still allow toxins in your home!

The products are more cots effective because they are concentrated, safer, better quality. Shop at the $1.00 store and post when you are diagnosed with cancer and why.

The bottom of your Customer Agreement is very clear - MUST FAX CUSTOMER SUSPEND FORM BY 25th to SUSPEND BENEFITS.

I make sure I highlight this for my customers and tell them to come to my home to fax it.

AGAIN- COMMON SENSE GOES A LONG WAY! No need to bash a good company that is helping the lil guy, single moms, disabled, retired, ill, unemployed, etc. WALMART DOESN'T PAY YOU A DIME FOR ANYONE YOU REFER TO SHOP THERE - HOW MANY TIMES HAD TIDE SENT YOU A COMMISSION CHECK FOR TELLING OTHERS ABOUT THEIR SALES?! Please READ and be an informed consumer rather than a pissed one. thx!


I have been trying to cancel my membership for months. I called customer service and was told to go to the main website to download the cancellation form (very difficult to find).

I had to call a few times to get help in locating the link and once I found it I was not able to download it.

According to melaleuca this is the only way to cancel. I stopped ordering but they keep charging my account and sending me junk.


This is such WRONG information. I have been a customer since 2002 and have helped some people cancel or suspend their account and there has NEVER been a problem.

In fact, if you can't get info from the person who enrolled you, you can always call customer service and they will walk you through the process. And...if you don't know your account number, you can always use your phone number.

In fact it is easier to get out of Melaleuca than to get into Melaleuca. Just make sure to cancel or suspend your account BEFORE the 25th of the month and you will NEVER get a charge on your credit card.


This is a crocket of ***! I had to cancel my debit card because they tried to bill me after I canceled.

Now that more and more people are seeing the truth of the company it won't be long before the wrong person gets upset and this too will be illegal. If you want to work from home honestly make something, offer a service ie daycare, lawnmowing, home repairs, catering services but DONT DO THIS ***!


This is not true! My son cancelled his account after just a few months.

He did it online and if you look there is a selection to stop or suspend account. If you buy the regular everyday things you can definitely meet the 35 points a month. Toothpaste , mouthwash , laundry detergent , shampoo, face wash, body wash, cleaners etc. great products and great company.

I have been a customer now for 6 months and love it!

You even get free product for being loyal customers each month, what stores do you know would give away free product for shopping every month? None!


As you can see from the person from Boulder CO it is very easy to cancel your membership. Just follow the simple process with your signature so they know that it is you that really wants to cancel your membership


More you read these, lease chance you want to sign up!


This company is a total scam! Do not sign up.

No way possible someone needs that much product monthly!

They make is very difficult to quit. Can not do it over phone!


You have to Fax them your cancellation request by the 21st of the month. Be sure to put your complete


account number



request to cancel


I believe the fax number is on the invoice if not call the phone number for it, I've done this twice and have never had a problem.

The contract states you have to cancel before the next billing cycle to prevent an automatic shipment. Also, you can change your preferences to get auto ship the items you prefer in case you forget to place order by cut off for the month. Hope this helps,

P.s. I love the products but HATE the fact you have to order every month, so when I get really stocked-up I cancel for awhile. ::)


It wasn't too difficult to find how to cancel my membership. Go to the website, sign in and then go to "My Account" and on the far left side is a menu bar....

all the way at the bottom of that side bar it says, "Suspend Preferred Customer Benefits". Click on that and then jump through a few hoops. My problem is that I got my first box of stuff and the cookies are horrible, the Fiber bars are inedible as are the chocolate bars.... the hand cream stinks...(I'm a guy so I don't really like smelling like a cheap *** And if you can do all the other stuff online, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to cancel online.

Just another way for them to charge another months fee and say "we didn't get your cancellation letter in time". No matter how you look at it, this isn't a good deal. AND the horrible products cost more than what you can get at the store. Especially since they are about on par with the cheapest store brands....

in fact, store brands taste better than this ***. Seriously.


When I received the email to cancel my account I inserted the web address in google and it led me to this page. Thankfully, even before faxing my cancellation form to Melaleuca, I cancelled my credit card from which payments were withdrawn.

I will get a new one next week.

A small price to pay to make sure no more withdrawals are made. Melaleuca is a scam and the person who signed me up pretended to be my friend but he was just a big fat scam artist.



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