Davenport, Iowa

Don't believe what they put in writing. They don't honor their refund

policy nor their shipping policy. In my opinion, avoid them at all cost!

Trying to end a membership with them is extremely difficult necessitating

numerous phone calls with unpleasant people who are not cooperative.

Even when faxing and fulfilling all of their demands, you still will not

get all of your money back. It is a very time-consuming and difficult

process to end your membership AND get your money back. We have yet

to succeed and have been trying for almost 2 months. Please don't get

started with Melaleuca, you will only regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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You can fax all they want, when they want,

and follow their rules, but.......they

do not, repeat not, uphold their end of

the agreement. Better not listen to the

Melaleua reps. They don't know the full



Frankly I take it your not a patient person nor are you someone who takes the time to listen to what people have to say. Everything is very clearly stated.

Meleleuca's products are awesome and so is their customer service. They ask you for a simple faxed signature on a forum. Your right that's to hard because they want to have organized records. There is money to be made in this company, and there are always people who are in it just for the great products.

Don't let people stray you away because they are stubborn or plain out dee dee dee. This is a great company and I am sure you will be quite please with a majority of the products.


damm... goes without saying you do not speak english .. pff


I agree with Average Joe. Melalecua is a great company with amazing products you can't find anywhere else.

And a 60 day money back guarantee?? On things like half used/ eaten cookies and shampoo?? Does Wall Mart do that? No, if you brought back a half used bottle of shampoo to wall mart after two months and said you did not like it and wanted your money back they'd laugh at you.

At Melaleuca they give you you're money back and don't even ask you send back the unused portion.

The people who are upset on this site are ones who did not read the agreement in full.

When you sign your name and put your credit card on file for people you better read what they are going to do with it before handing it over. No, Melaleuca is not right for everyone but I know people who have been customers for 20 years and love it!


I really enjoyed being a preffered customer until I didn't have the money to place a $70 order each month for the required 35 point system. The company sent the back-up order and since I was a member until August i accepted that for the two shipments made even though it put my credit card over limit.

I thought, well my membership is over in August so they will stop sending me back-up orders. They DID NOT!!! They continued to send back-up orders for the month of September.

And to make matters worse, they are requiring that I pay shipping and handling to ship the last order back that I DID NOT ORDER AND I WAS NOT A MEMBER!!!! I would recommend paying a higher price for the product and NOT JOINING!!


In my experiences they have been the most outstanding customer service I have ever had to work with. Things happen, and when you explain them they always help out.

In one instance my order took longer than the 5 days i needed it in. They shipped another order the following day, overnight at their expense. And never asked for the 1st one back.

Truth of the matter is the only people who don't have good experiences with maleleuca are those that don't pay attention to anything. I doubt very highly that there isn't another side to this coin.

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