Galveston, Texas
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I have uses the Melaluca tooth polish with floride for years and no other product can compare. It makes my teeth cleaner.

After the first few months I uses the product, I visited my 10 year long regular dentist for a cleaning. The Hygentist went on about the "nice healthy shine" of my teeth and inquired about what I had been doing. I told her that I changed to the Melaluca tooth polish and she stated, "whatever your doing, keep doing it!" Every 6 month visit from then on I get the same comments of "healthy shine", "healthy looking teeth", "very little build up","can tell you take good care of your teeth" and stuff like that!

My wide doesn't sell the stuff or anything like that but just buys the products from a friend. Anyways, love it!!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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When I switched to Melaleuca tooth polish my girlfriend had very bad teeth at the gum line. The dentist wanted her to go thru a series of cleaning procedures to get rid of it for $5000.

After only 2 months of using their tooth polish it has all disappeared. Dentist was very amazed at the results and I think a little disappointed because there went his $5000.

Saved us a ton of money.

I will always recommend these products.