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I was introduced to Melaleuca by a friend & not lured to some website with the promise of making money as a Stay-at-home MOM. I couldn't even get my own family to sign up, so I wasn't going to attempt to convert anyone else! Anyhow, I just like their products. I agree, the products may seem a bit pricey, but they really do last a long time! Target's Method laundry detergent sells for 14.99 for 50 loads, Melapower though, is a $1 more for almost twice as many loads! And it cleans great.

I also agree that their vitamins and supplements are quite expensive, so I don't use those regularly, but, they are good and never made me sick to my stomach like GNC vitamins. I do however, use all their cleaning supplies faithfully and have just started using some Sei Bella (previously Nicole Miller)skin treatment products , which seem to be working (not big on the cleansers though, I don't think they foam well enough to use with my clarisonic).

I always shop online, not by calling. It's easier and there are web deals too. When we lived overseas (military), they shipped to us at our APO at no additional charge. Whenever something was missing from my order, they quickly sent a replacement too, no questions asked.

I've left the company twice (decided to try other brands) with no issues, no overcharges ever, and came back to them because I missed using the products. So long as I can afford to use them, I'll keep using them.

And finally, read the agreement! It explains every thing very clearly. And if your marketing rep/sales rep doesn't explain it well enough to you when you sign up, then he/she didn't do a very good job! Take it up with them, but don't get mad at the company. They don't "Employ" marketing reps, these are just people who get a commission off the products and some probably tend to get a little over-excited about and fail to mention some important things. But it's all right there in the agreement about how if you fail to order by a certain day, you are sent an auto-shipment to cover your monthly point requirement (and it can be customized too).. I don't see why people are complaining. READ the fineprint! Ask questions!

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We have been Melaleuca customers for 12 years. The Company and their products just keep getting better and better. I have tried other cleaning products over the years but always come back to the safe, green products Melaleuca offers.

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