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Just read someone's complaint which is similar to mine. I also became a member through a friend and love the products, although they are quite overpriced and with shipping and taxes, it really adds up!

You'll spend at least $80/mo. in order to keep your "preferred" member status. I tried to suspend my membership just for a few months as I'm hitting a tough couple of months, so I went online to suspend, but it required me to print out a form to fax it in. Well, the print button was grayed out so I could not print.

This was yesterday, April 25, 2013. Their deadline for these submissions is the 25th of the month. So I called first thing in the morning and said I cannot have my credit card, which is my bank card, charged this month as I have no budget for an $80+ expense. Customer service could care less and neither did the supervisor.

They deflected me to the terms that I agreed to when I signed up!!! Who the *** remembers the fine print??? I'm so pissed, I'm canceling my membership and contacting my bank about any unauthorized charges to my account. Melaleuca's policies stink.

Any other online company would take cancellations online and none of this fax BS. Who faxes anymore??? I have no printer and no fax machine! What a hassle!

DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. I ordered a mechanical lip liner and they sent me a pencil, which they're phasing out, and when I called to get what I ordered, they said they could not guarantee I'll get what I wanted!!! What BS is that? They gave me $5 for my troubles, but I can't even submit the $5 in "Loyalty Shopping Dollars" as the computer system wouldn't take it!!!

I still have a $5 credit that I can't use! This company SUCKS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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While I enjoy the product, there is too much requirement and feel that the 35 required points are what really constitutes the commission otherwise why the points. Why not just let us purchase.

When I first signed up the individuals threw out a number of 50.00/60 dollars that would make up 35 points. But once I began ordering and taking so much time in trying to total points without it breaking my bank, it still totaled up to about 70.00 dollars. Once you qualify for the loyalty products then the very points you had, are deducted which means you have to buy something else to total up 35 points again.

Again, I really like the product but I do not care for the way the system is set up...35 points, loyalty point deducted which now causes the shipping and handling to add up.


To cancel Melaleuca with no fax follow these steps:

1. Put this at top of page if you're past the 25th - "Three Day Right of Recession"

2. Name

3. Account #

4. Address

5. Write I'd like to cancel my Melaleuca account. Thanks

6. Sign

7. Date

8. Take a pic with iPhone/Droid

9. Download a scan app for free or purchase for .99

10. Turn pic to PDF from app

11. Email PDF to myaccount@melaleuca.com


Correction "right of rescission" auto correct :/


Actually, it's even easier than that.

1. Log into your account.

2. Select "My Account" from the upper right.

3. Click to "Cancel Preferred Customer Benefits" on the bottom left of the memu that pops up.

4. Confirm to Cancel.

5. Later if you wish to order you can do so at around 40% higher prices (but still lower than Amazon, Ebay or even eCrater)

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