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In 2007 I tried to cancel my Melaleuca membership, after being a faithful member for many years. I sent an e mail cancellation letter like they asked and they still sent more product.

I called them and they said to send another cancellation letter, which I did. The following month, I received another package, they said they couldn't accept the letter because it wasn't signed. So I sent a signed letter by mail, begged them to stop, because I was moving, and I cancelled that visa card.

The following month, the new owners returned the package to sender. Now they want $12 for the returned postage.


Pissed off

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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me parece increible que tanta gente tenga problemas *** este tema de cancelar su contrato de cliente preferencial tengo tres meses *** la compania y despues de aver escrito casi 15 personas haciendolo a un ritmo lento en mis ratos libres de ellos 4 an cancelado y ninguno a tenido algun cobro a su targeta el mismo dia que melaleuca recibio el fax firmado y explicando la razon de cancelamiento ese mismo dia se les cancelo su menbrecia y me parece increible que venga gente a decir que no pueden cancelar.mi nombre es eudoro avila y si nececitas instruciones como cancelar este es mi correo


Great company, we do NOT sell anything, we refer people to the company and the customer shops each month. 800,000 customers can't be wrong, the few you read about here probably are unhappy with a lot of things in life, not just Melaleuca :)


Eileen. So true and well put :)


This company is great! I think people need to educate themselves before making up what they assume is the cause of their problems.


Two words: STAY AWAY. Highway robbery & the stuff is misrepresented...BIG TIME.

They only want your money...even making you pay for the printed information about the company PLUS your state TAX!!!

Don't fall for it cause it will take many months to cancel. I had to close my VISA account as they were grabbing money that was NOT due them.


Please it's states in WRITTEN FORM TO CANCEL. No emails or over the phone.


I agree with the other poster as well. All I see are negative things posted everywhere on the Internet about Melaleuca.

Yes-sometimes you get a bad nut who does explain properly but everything is in writing so take the time to sit down and read it and understand it! You don't go and buy a new car without sitting down and reading the user manuel do you? Well at least I dont anyways. Even if you aren't the typical person to do so-if something came up you didn't know how to work don't you usually resort to the user manuel to find out how?

Well okay I guess maybe the lazy ones don't. It amazes me at the lack of energy people don't want to put in anymore. I am in my 30's this next generation is so sad and even some in my age range make me sick. I was raised with ethics and trying to figure things out on your own and then ask questions if you can't???

What happened? People just automatically want to press the red easy bitton and have everyone wave their magic wands. I was with melaleuca back in 2008 and cancelled because we couldn't afford it anymore. After paying off two credit cards, and a car payment later I am back and not because I want to make money.

It is because they are the only ones that offer a good quality vitamin and the price (if yu join) isn't so shabby either. I chose to rejoin for the discount and to get my good quality pre-natal vitamin. Yes the rep got on my nerves because she kept trying to pressure me into selling and I told her no-she is the nut not me. I just shrugged it off and went along my merry way placing my order.

IF I have others sign up underneath me then whoooppeee! I really don't care if they DO or DON'T all I want are my freaking vitamins and I want them at the discounted price. Oh and yeah if you aren't placing your monthly orders because you called or e-mailed to cancel but didn't sign the form and you are aren't following the company protocol then yeah they gonna ship the product to you!!!!! That is why when I take care of business I make copies for myself to ensure that I have my own copy in case anything were to come up then on top of that how about you pay a little extra and send it Fed Ex, UPS, or gasp-CERTIFIED MAIL WITH A RETURN RECEIPT!!!!!!

That way you can PROVE that someone there signed for it! geez-I wish people could stop for one second and hear themselves -never taking wanting to take responsability for themselves. Sorry but if I'm wrong I will admit that I was wrong. If you didn't take the steps to cover your own butt and have no proof otherwise that you made the proper steps then don't go off blaming the company and land blasting them on a PUBLIC FORUM!!!!!

It creates the wrong impression but then again if you take someoene's word for it on an online forum you are also an ***! LOL! Sorry if I sound so brass but I'm just sick and tired of people thinking it is fine to speak about another person so freely on a public forum-it does more damage than you might ever think.

Of course most people are vindictive this day and age and think that it's hilarious so.......???? What do you do??


It is really simple to sign something, so I do not blame the company. If the person has trouble writing their name other arangements could be made.

Have you ever tried to buy a car an not sign the contract.

People need to slow down and be serious.

Don't blame other people or any company, just because you don't want to take 5 minutes to do things the right way.


I just joined the companyand everything is fine do you think that this is a bad company

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