Warwick, Rhode Island
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Melaleuca is the worst company I have ever worked with. Sales woman preyed on the fact that my son was diagnosed with a behavioral disorder and offered to send me free vitamins to try and if I liked them I could buy more for $15.00.

She took it upon herself to enroll me in some $70/month auto ship that doesn't even have vitamins in it. I was able to email the company requested in writing to cancel and they basically said I couldn't? I didn't take no for an answer. Finally after weeks they agreed to send a shipping label so I could return the items.

That was in April-may. It is now July and the cycle started all over! They just keep sending *** and won't cancel the auto ship seemingly no matter what I do. This is a huge rip off!

Don't buy it! Don't meet with anyone who sells it. Stay as far away from it as you can! Things like this should be illegal.

If I tell a company I don't want to buy something I should be able to cancel any way I want as soon as I want! I shouldn't have to keep doing this. It's a waste of my time. It's also wrong on so many levels for their sales people to play in their customers.

I just wanted to help my son and now I'm being harassed by this company while I try to treat a special needs child.

This company had no morals.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I've been a customer of Melaleuca for 12 years. They don't have an auto-ship and it's very easy to cancel your membership.

melaleuca is very quick in handling any customer dissatisfactions.


Whoever enrolled you obviously did not explain the business to you correctly. The real question I have is how did they sign you up for the AutoShip without your permission?

I find that kind of questionable. And to cancel all you have to do is download the form and that is it


Obviously, Whoever enrolled you did not explain the procedure and process. If your son took the vitamin and finished them ALL and did not see any results?

Melaleuca Guarantees your money back. For the Auto ship is just a back up order in case you missed out on ordering for that month.

In which, you could change yourself at anytime along with the Cancellation.


Cancelling is easy. Sign a piece of paper, snap a picture and sent it in.


They wouldn't allow me that option for weeks after following their instructions to cancel. I first asked if I could send a written statement and was told,"no. That's not how we do it".


Let me tell you why she schemed you like that. If you don't recruit...

Melaleuca, Inc. won't pay you and take a look at policy #36<36. Voluntary Resignation Due to Inactivity

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her Marketing Organization with the proper example

in production of Personal Product Points. Without

this proper example and leadership, the Marketing

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Therefore, Marketing Executives who produce less than the minimum Personal Product Points required to maintain their current Commission Rate during a month, as set forth in the Compensation Plan, will not receive the commission or bonus attributable to such status for the sales generated through their Marketing Organization for that month. Failure to meet Personal Product Point requirements for two consecutive months constitutes the Marketing Executive’s voluntary resignation.

A Marketing Executive who has voluntarily resigned will lose all his/her Personal Enrollees and his/her Marketing Organization. The resignation shall become effective on the day following the last day of the second month of inactivity "No Play, No Pay!" Seeds Of Change www.ic3.gov

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