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my friend says she's been a customer for 10 years posted let me try it because she said they're chemical free well they're not chemical fries they have colorants and fragrance is added anyway when I was signing up I made it clear that I didn't want anything auto shipped to me after repeating this 3 or 4 times they finally said well we still need to have your credit card on file I should have known better than but because she's my friend I trusted them I signed up in February 2015 and got my first order I didn't get a chance to use most of the products so I didn't order anything in March and lo and behold I got a auto shipment but before I got it I caught it on my credit card statement and try to cancel they told me I had to wait get the shipment ship it back at my expense and then I could get a refund within 120 days now when I signed up I could do it over the phone without my signature but to cancel I had to have my signature fax or email to them they simply lies to get people to join and the products are not any better than any other products on the market in fact I broke out when I took the vitamins and I let them know that

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Curious. Have you ever found vitamins you like?


If you would have taken any time to read your paperwork you signed, you would have seen that it is all spelled out for you right there. You were making a commitment that you did not fulfill.

boom. another order is sent for you.

Check it out. For real.


I didn't sign the paperwork I did it over the phone to sign up first of all and during the conversation I made it clear twice because I have two separate phone calls and I do not want anything auto ship to me I don't care what you say this is a scam Melaleuca robot and I called and told them to cancel the order before it was shipped that's what they should have done instead of shipping it to me then make me refuse it and then I have to ship it back funny they can take my membership enrollment over the phone without my signature without me seeing the actual papers but I need a signature to cancel regardless of what you say any company who agree on the delete button so you could never delete your bank information is unethical boom dummy


Any company that grey out the delete button so you can NEVER remove your bank account information us unethical


antioxidants can cause a skin breakout while ridding the body of toxins. Melaleuca cleaning products can seem to be a little irritating the first time you use them because they remove all the old cleaning product residue-so its really the old stuff.

i think this website is sad keeping all these undated complaints with little more than misunderstandings the reason for them.


Your statement is ridiculous and unsubstantiated. You must be one of those Melaleuca robots trying to push the inferior expensive products on your friends and family because getting people to sign up and buy this craps is the only way you can make any money