Kingsport, Tennessee
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I agree .. this Soy issue is the reason I started looking into everything in Meleluca ' s products..

My health food store won't allow ANY Soy products come through their door.. I called Corporate last year and asked why and they claimed they were still doing research and could not answer my question. That's a red flag when they are doing research and the products are on the shelf.. Everyone knows Soy is always a GMO and a cheap filler..My pharmacist told me to stay away from it as well..

I'm still waiting to hear a Common Sense Answer from Meleluca... totally unbelievable..

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is a bunch of bull there vitamins are the best on the market.


looks like their cardiomega EPA and Nutraview have soy lethin in them. I only looked at the multivitamin packs.

If you are a current customer they have a product label tab on most items and you can see what is in them.

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