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I have been taking them for 5 months! You know at first I wasn't sure how they were doing, how they were affecting me, I noticed a difference, but really just wasn't sure......until I forgot to place them with my order one month and went 10 dayswithout them!

UGH! I felt awful, seriously! I was sick, really groggy, and just could not get up in the morning. Needless to say I wasn't going to wait till my order the following month, placed an order for just my vitamins as soon as I could, but did go 10 whole days without them....won't do that again!


I don't care what anyone says, their vitamins ARE different. My mom is a health nut and she has been shipping me vitamins for years.

Calcium, Magnesium, Vit D, Vit A, Zinc, Vit B12, on and on, and never felt even the slightest bit difference, or better with all those from Vitamin World. NOPE!

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Nyjerry -- same here! My parents wanted to finish their Costco vitamins, and did so...

and finally started the Vitality Total two months and LOVE it. My mom actually got into a skiing accident when she was 17 (now she's 54), and couldn't run because her knees were so bad (they were actually talking about a knee replacement...), and just informed me that she has started jogging again!! She told me she would love to go back to the surgeon and tell him! She is amazed at how amazing she is feeling, and Dad is too.

(He was talking about getting a hip replacement because it was bothering him so much... and he hasn't complained for months!!).

The Vitality Pack is a dream come true -- and NEVER EVER will we get off of them!! :)

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