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Anyone ever heard of Melaleuca? Well..... If someone wants you to hear about it. Run in the other direction. Bad Company! False information and the person I dealt with doesn't follow your direction and then you have to pay! Unscrupulous Business practices. Not only that but they say it is all green products and all approved by the FDA, what a lie!

I told the sales rep not to place my order without talking to me. As well, my friend was not sure and she set up an account for her anyway!

Check it out before you order! I suggest you don't!.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Sorry you had such a bad experience with that company, but it sound like you picked the wrong company to work with. If you keep your business options open take the time to a look at Gano Excel. Gano Excel has the healthiest coffee and tea on the planet. This companies products are changing literally lives. Take a look through my website at

and if you want to know more information about the company and it's products send me a message. Thanks for your time.


Okay, I can understand being frustrated with what happened in your case. However, it is not the business as a whole that is the problem. The rep is the problem. You find it everywhere. A brand with poor employees or representatives. You should lash out irrationally at the business over the internet. It's kind of sad actually. How many people have a bad experience with one person in a company and sound off all over the web about how TERRIBLE THE COMPANY IS!!!

GET OVER IT. File a complaint with the company about the rep. If your friend wasn't sure about setting up an account, she shouldn't have given the lady her credit card number. Which is required to set up an account.

BOTTOM LINE: If you succumb to sales pressure you should never EVER go into a sales pitch with your credit card in your pocket, better yet, don't go at all.

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