I had used Melaleuca products a long time ago (several years ago). I was thinking about trying one of their products again so I called to find out if they still carried it and the price.

The person on the phone without knowing who I was, called me by my first name and told me that I still owed them money from several years ago and asked when I would be able to pay that.....CREEPY! It was only for $9, but that's not the point!

I didn't give him my information, he just secretly looked up and got my information without asking me (like some weird government thriller movie)!

Now thinking.......don't think I want to do buisness with them!

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Ok mr $9.00 to paid back.now lots company knows who you are when you call them.In some time in the future they will see you.Get use to that!!!


From someone who used to work in customer service for non-profits, all our members' information was searchable to us on our profile records. Don't be freaked out if you didn't change your phone number in all that time.

Maybe the rep could have been more tactful, but if you owed money, wouldn't you rather square it away? No company wants to operate at a loss.


I don't know how many years it had been, but chances are they already claimed it as a loss tax wise. I am not saying you don't owe the money, but if they claimed a loss...


Ever heard of caller ID...duh.


The technology is used by most all companies in their customer service departments. It's also the same thing as caller id on our home phones...or another example would be our cell phones...once that contact is in your contact list, when the person calls you their name pops up.


It's called phone number recognition. You're in their database as a past customer, Nothing *** about it.

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