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I signed up for Melaleuca to help my niece, but after doing some research and finding many complaints and unsatisfied preferred customers, I tried to cancel my membership after 1 month. First they said they didn't get my faxed request for cancellation even though they have a recording that proves my attempt to cancel the same day of the fax.

Thereafter they sent another back-up order which I did not get and also obviously did not want, but they are dead set on getting me to pay for it, even though UPS did their investigation and found delivery issues as they discovered during the delivery time my home was robbed while I was out of town. After many phone conversations and a letter sent regarding my 2nd attempt to cancel , we came to an agreement that they would reship the order, i return it and they clear the account balance with me paying only the shipping fee of $7.43. However there was no reshipment and I keep receiving calls and e-mails stating I owe them for the undelivered and unwanted back-up order. This time they said that I agreed to pay for half of the the order which is a complete lie.

I did not and would never agree to pay for anything I did not order and did not get. Now they are trying to get me to also pay an additional $8.50 something cents for a "My Melaluca" add on that I know nothing about. I am wondering how many other people have had or are having the same problem of being constantly called and pressured to pay for something they didn't order, did not want, know nothing about, did not receive or was sent after cancellation attempts?

It is very sad to see a company who makes over 500 million dollars in sales treat it's customers and preferred members this way. Then again...perhaps this is the only way they made or continue to make most of their money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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I agree, problem is some people dont understand what the are doing and this is not right.

The job of the executive is to educate and fully inform you and apparently they did not.

My experience with Melaleuca has been incredible along with others i have referred.... BUT.... i am very careful to not lead anyone into believing it is something it is not and i go over all the details meticulously.


I think people are not reading or understanding what they are agreeing to. Every complaint on here I can see why and how it happened.

It really is a great company and has helped me and my family a lot. If you are having trouble you should try and get onto one of the webinars. They explain everything really well and can answer any of your questions.

I have signed people up and they were able to cancel no problem and recieved their money back. I don't think it is the companies fault that these issues are coming up........


Come on How can there be so many upset customers if this company was so great. If there products are so good people

would purchase them without the *** back up order.

I purchase things when I need them.

If I like the products I would buy them, but if I don't I would not want them sent to me. It would be better to pay an upfront one time membership fee and then you can order what you want instead of this *** they try to pull with the backup order,

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