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I have had the worst experience with this company they have been charging pre orders that I never ask for and charging to memberships to my bank account I have contacted them several times and they always they will call back but they don't and a I have already talk to supervisors and managers and they still haven't fixed the problem if anybody knows how to help please let me know

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when you first signed up - you are setup with the back order, just incase your on a trip and can't get to order what products you want. then that back up order will be ship and what account you gave them to use.

The only way to stop those charges, you would need to fax to the business but here is the no# to call them 1 208 522 0870 they are very helpful. You could also notify your bank that you tried to call them to get it straighten out and got the run around, then your bank will stop the charges! and also notify the company.

I'm a member and I know you have to order before the end of the month, or your back up order will come.

You could also freeze your membership for approx. 6 months?


Call them up, tell them you want to cancel, they email form to you, fill it out, fax it back and you'll be canceled in a few days. I know several people that canceled and had no problem.

They will continue to send back-up order until you cancel. Sorry that you're canceling. I personally am ready to make my order the 1st of each month. I have tried and regularly use at least 75 of their products.

Love every one of them. Great health benefits to me and the family.


Send a written cancellation letter with your signature and fax or mail it to them then call to follow up.


The happy customers. Are you from PR


Not from PR. I'm a real, honest to goodness, SATISFIED customer.

I also work in health care and see people every day getting horrible diseases from toxic products.

The money I spend with Melaleuca each month is money well spent, investing in a healthy present and future. I've converted my home and notice a HUGE difference for the better!


And so am I. While a very few products might be found cheaper at Costco in the long run Melaleuca products are the safest and healthiest.


I have been a "super happy" customer with Melaleuca for over 8 years. I have a hard time understanding the complaints that are posted on-line.

I have never been with a company that has better customer service than Melaleuca. When you call the company, you always get a live customer service rep. NO HOLDS..NO ONE HAS TO CALL YOU BACK..NO PUNCHING ANY OTHER NUMBERS...A LIVE PERSON RIGHT AWAY!!! They go above what would be required to make sure you are satisfied.

If you don't want to continue getting your monthly order, all you have to do is sign and send in a cancellation.

You can even do it with your smart phone. That is it....the are not a customer any more.

The products are amazing. My husband had terrible eczema.

We had tried every over the counter lotion possible and he had been to three Dermatologists. They tried every prescription they could and nothing worked. When we became a Melaleuca customer, the Renew lotion made huge changes in his skin right away and soon his eczema was completely gone. He calls it a miracle in a bottle.

He didn't mind using it because IT DOESN'T HAVE A STRONG PERFUME SMELL. Almost no smell at all!! All the vitamins are amazing, but when I was being watched closely for the beginnings of high cholesterol, I added their heart health vitamins and my cholesterol when down 55 points without changing anything else. When my Dr.

checked my levels again, he even asked me what I had done differently.

My dentist always comments about my teeth. When he cleaned my teeth for the first time he must have had your teeth cleaned recently because there is hardly any plaque build up. He was amazed when I told him it had been four years.

My teeth are really white without using any of the harmful over the counter whitening products.

The products are "toxic free" and they have the research and ingredients to prove it.

I will never buy over the counter products every again. I would hope people would stop giving false reports if they don't have the true facts about Melaleuca!


Yeah - I am with the other happy shoppers here. The company has always done their due diligence with calling back and making good on anything.

I would be shocked to think they would purposefully not call you back! Your enroller should have told you about the pre selected package that if you forget your order, the company will pull off the shelf and send your way so that you don't lose any of your membership benefits. It really is a wonderful thing!

I love this company as I am sure comes across in this email. I am sorry you had a rough experience but trust me, you could not be dealing with a better company!!!


Yea Its so funny! Im also a happy Customer, they even purchase free products to My account every month for loyalty rewards!

May be the person that gave you your membership didnt explain to you the terms And conditions!

To cancel you have to Mail a letter asking for it in the begining of the month And then call Customer Service to confirm it! Better business breau can help you with that if its true!


That's funny. This has never happened to me since I have been a Melaleuca customer.

Melaleuca has the best customer service and always helpful. I can't imagine them doing this to you on purpose. Melaleuca is an upstanding company. They have always called me back.

Have you used the "chat" via the webpage?


No I haven't use the chat but I am from Puerto Rico and they don't care to call back. And thank u for the advise


No the don't call back. But they are open 12+ hours a day to take phone calls and I've never had to call more than two times to get complete and satisfactory answers.

Either one is capable of doing business on their phone or one isn't. There is no need to complain about one's deficiencies.

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